Friday, 16 June 2017

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New 99c Release!

So I wanted to do a prequel to The Underground Series for various reasons. In the main series most people didn't like the UnSeelie Prince, Dorian. Which is good because you weren't supposed to like him. But now he is getting his own story and it wouldn't be right to throw you into his life without letting you know where he came from first.
I hope you enjoy it and are able to see a bit of where he is coming from and how it made him the way he is now.

What readers are already saying

"I was blown away as I was reading this!"
"You must read this and the rest of the series! Great read."
"A great addition to the series!" 

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While Alice rampaged through Wonderland a different story was being told. One that never should have been forgotten.
The Fae courts have always been separated. So different from each other they could never agree on what is right and what is very very wrong.
Until now.
A mistake long forgotten is quickly closing in and the two courts must now put all their faith in combining their powers by marriage.
Lynne is nothing more than a caged bird. With only her books and plants to keep her company she will finally get the chance to be free when the Seelie Queen commands her to marry. The dark prince of the UnSeelie Court is nothing like Lynne would have imagined. Dashing and a bit broody he will capture her heart before she can even realize what has happened.
But not everyone wants a happily ever after for these two Fae. There are some who would revel in seeing them fall and in turn all of the Wonderland will burn.
This is a prequel novella to the Underground Series and can be read at any time in the series.

Available on ALL retailers!

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In the rest of the world...

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Omg, I love this cover so much! The first time I saw it I was like I need this book (and the cover designers name!).
I haven't had a chance to read it yet but it's in my tbr pile but since it's cowritten by Jasmine Walt (who is a peach and a half, let me tell you!) there is no way this book is anything but fabulous!
Grab it for the 99c new release price!
Who doesn't love a good box set?
My good friend Monica Corwin is in this one and has assured me there is some awesomeness to be found in this set!
And just look at that cover! I'm a cover addict, I admit it. Give me an awesome cover and I'll one click the crap out of it.
This one is also only 99c for release!

Free books

If you need something new to try out or are just like me and want ALL the books, here are a few that are FREE. I don't know how long they will be free for but they were free when I sent this email. So, take your chances!
I know Kim Faulks Zodiac series is fantastic and a must read! The new one Virgo just came out and maybe I'm a little biased since I'm a Virgo but I think it will be the best yet!
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