Thursday, 22 June 2017

J.J. Bella - LAST FREE DAY! Sham: Fake Marriage To The Single Dad"


He’s not bad, just a little broken. Someone just needs to make him whole again..

Paul Le Montagne would do anything for his daughter, but his crazy ex-wife doesn’t make it easy for him.

He’s having a little trouble learning that no amount of booze and sexy young supermodels are going to fix the emptiness he feels without his little girl. For now though, it’s the only thing that helps.

Things become complicated when his family forces him to find a new wife, and jump back into another relationship while he’s still wrecked from the one before. It’s either that or lose out on his inheritance and everything he’s worked for. The family has a reputation to uphold after all...

Meanwhile, Brittney Haverford is living the opposite lifestyle of Paul in Brooklyn. It’s rent, tuition, and the daily grind that’s breaking her down.

When a chance encounter brings them together Paul realizes that there might be a way to fix both of their problems.

Is real love possible with a fake marriage?
She’s not like all the other girls, and he’s not like any other guy, but can they let themselves believe their love won’t end like all the rest? Can he get back everything he’s lost and at the same time give her everything she’s ever wanted?