Tuesday, 6 June 2017


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The stories about her have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, she is beautiful, with wavy blond hair and big, blue eyes and flawless skin, but her charming fa├žade is a lie, a mask, a deceit.
Yes, yes, I’m sure you think me merely jealous. I’m not. I’m the victim, and I can prove it.
You see, Eleonore deserves to be locked away. My, she even deserves to be killed!
This gripping retelling of a much-loved fairy tale will make you question all you think you know about the girl who steals away to a ball and leaves behind a slipper.
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For the fans of V for Vendetta and The Last Airbender comes a tale like no other...
If the government cannot be trusted...
While a bioengineering company tries to enslave the country...
When people with unusual powers start emerging...
Can Adele, a 21-year-old young shy French government intern, find the way to stop a catastrophe?..
Or will she lead it?..
Find out in Shake, Book 1 of the Great Keeper series!