Thursday, 1 June 2017

#New: If We Fall by K.M. Scott

If We Fall Is Here!

The final book in the Corrupted Love Trilogy is finally here! Ryder and Serena's story is complete, and I'm so proud of how the trilogy turned out. I've loved these characters and their story since they began to tell me it months and months ago. I'm so happy I finally was able to get the story out and share it with readers. If you want a true love story, the Corrupted Love Trilogy is it!
If we fall…
I’ve protected Serena from everything I could in her father’s world, but with each horrible act he committed, I knew the time would come when protecting her wouldn’t be enough. When that day comes and it’s either Robert or me who survives, I will do what I have to so the woman I love and my child are safe.
May heaven help me.
Every day I grow stronger as the child Ryder and I created grows inside me. I’m no fool, though. I know my father will do everything in his power to keep his control over us. But I’m not that scared little girl I used to be anymore, and the time is coming when he will realize that.
We’re fighting for even more than love now. This time, we’re fighting for family.
Get your copy of If We Fall today and see why reviewers call it "stunning, sensual, and emotional" and "the perfect ending to Ryder and Serena's love story!"