Tuesday, 27 June 2017

#New Romance Novel: Desire’s Way by #GinniConquest

New Must-Read by Fast-Rising Romance Author 
Ginni Conquest Proves That Love Never Fails
‘Desire’s Way’ Now Available in Kindle and Softcover on Amazon
The summer just might be a little hotter than usual this year due to yet another modern romance book coming to readers. Prolific, self-publishing author Ginni Conquest, whose star is rising rapidly in this genre, has just released her fourth book in less than 18 months! Best of all…they’re all good reads!
In 2016, Ms. Conquest wrote and released not one but three books that coincided with holidays. Valentine’s Day delivered A Crime of the Heart; Memorial Day, A Love in Name Only; and Labor Day, Love Never Fails. Her new addition to her romance book portfolio, Desire’s Way, has just been released in Kindle and softcover.
What makes a romance novel a page-turner? Of course, it starts with both a heroine and hero whom we like…and maybe even fall for a bit! Ms. Conquest scales this hurdle as she is skilled at creating relatable characters that are intriguing, all very human and with just enough mystery. She allows her character personalities to unfold fluidly and in such a way that is alluring to the reader. In Love Never Fails, for example, the story is shared through the hearts of each character via alternating the voices of the hero and heroine chapter by chapter.
Forces, seemingly insurmountable, that tie the characters’ lives together in intertwining ways are paramount in a good romance! As this relates to Ms. Conquest’s books, the setting is often work-related, which is already a bit taboo, yet relatable for many and exciting in itself. Connection between the characters is instant in a good romance book—while possibly resisted, frustrating and infuriating as well. Still, of course, there are those difficulties, character flaws, past experiences, memories and more that make a lifetime of happiness seem elusive…right through to the last page.
Ms. Conquest is a clever storyteller who delivers. Her character development, intrigue, excitement, scenes of unbridled as well as heated, restrained passion keep the reader wanting more and hoping for a happy ending. The push-pull storytelling is ever-present and it’s not until the final pages that a Conquest reader knows exactly how the modern romance story will end.
The series of Ginni Conquest romance books is highly recommended for those seeking to relax, let loose, imagine, have fun and explore a new author who has more books percolating in her pipeline. Her characters give life to fabulous, dizzying rushes of emotion that make readers cheer for their ultimate unity and happiness. The conflicts are plausible, the pressures relatable.