Friday, 2 June 2017

#New: The Wrong Bed by Jill Monroe


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Handcuffs. A sexy stranger. 

What did she do last night? 
Med student Stella Holbrook just had the best night of her life meeting a hot, hunky firefighter, making out with him at the roller rink and then engaging in a whole lot of deliciously wicked behavior in a swank hotel room. Only, when she wakes up the next morning, she can't remember a thing… 
Owen Perkins has no idea how he ended up naked in a bathtub with Stella. All he knows is that while their minds are blank, their bodies definitely remember what happened. All they have to go on are cryptic notes they left for themselves. Piece by piece, they'll uncover the truth about last night…one exquisitely sexy moment at a time!

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Find out what Jill has to say about her upcoming
​Lifetime movie in an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!

Q1. What was your reaction when you first learned your book would be made into a movie?

Screaming!  I’m surprised you didn’t hear me all the way from Oklahoma!!

 I was about to leave the country for a week, so I was doing that mad dash of cleaning, doing last minute laundry and making some freezer meals so the humans in the house would eat something other than cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but had decided to take a break to read (of course).  A message from my agent - Deidre Knight - flashed on my screen - CALL ME! I HAVE NEWS!!!
 I’m pretty sure I asked her to repeat it several times!!  Which she did, because she’s awesome!
 Q2. Did you get to learn about casting early or get to read the script? 
A: No, but I have watched the movie already.  Twice!!  I can’t wait for everyone else to see it.  
Q3. If you had to choose one scene (not spoilery) that you really want to see on the screen as it was written in the book, which one would it be?
A: Lifetime uses a screen shot for their advertising of Stella and Owen in bed together, naked and wearing nothing but handcuffs - that picture makes me smile every time.  When I wrote the scene, I had to imagine (practice?) getting dressed, putting on a bra while hooked up to a sexy fireman beside me.  I wanted it to be awkward, but also telling of their character - how they helped and reassured one another.  I thought the actors really demonstrated that!
Q4. How are you planning to watch the premiere? A big party?
A: So, that trip to another country I mentioned earlier…well, here’s a tip.  Don’t buy a convertor to use your curling iron while abroad.  Maybe just buy a new curling iron while you’re over there.  I managed to singe off my bangs.  The bangs that go about 2 1/2 inches into the hair on my head, so the big watch party, with live Facebook updates, now not so much!
I will be live tweeting the movie and attending a watch party with some friends I’ve known since high school.  My best friend - Gena Showalter - will be attending.  And let me just say what a trooper she is!  Going to a party and watching a movie while knowing ZERO people there - that’s an introvert writer’s worst NIGHTMARE.  You can follow on with me on Twitter - @JillMonroe #nakedpursuit
I’m also really excited about the party the day before the movie comes out on Facebook.  30 amazing authors will be there with fun and giveaways!!!  

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Q5. If you could share one tip for authors who might be going through this same process of having a book turned into a film, what would it be? 
A: This is the same advice I give to my kids, friends - basically anyone who stops to listen - enjoy the moment.  Don’t get too caught up in the details you can’t change or have no control over - that just takes away from living what is one of the most exciting things you’ll be blessed with.  Also, buy the curling iron.  
Now for gossip - that takes a vodka cranberry.  


Jill Monroe is the award-winning author of fourteen romance novels and novellas, and one satirical “non-fiction” book about dating the undead guy next door.  
When not writing, or hanging around on Twitter, Jill is the irreverent creator and co-host of the wildly popular Author Talk series, which has over 150,000 views on YouTube alone.  Jill has interviewed such #1 New York Times bestselling authors as PC and Kristin Cast and Kresley Cole as well as global superstar authors like Nora Roberts. Due to reader and author demand, Author Talk will be returning in late 2017. 
The Wrong Bed: Naked Pursuit will be released from Lifetime Movie Network in June 2017 and stars Jewel Staite and Corey Sevier.
Jill also wrote the second book in the international Royal House of Shadows series along with New York Times' bestselling authors Gena Showalter and Nalini Singh.
A former Golden Heart finalist, Jill has received Top Picks from Romantic Times, and has been nominated for a Reviewers' Choice Award.  Visit her website at 

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