Monday, 5 June 2017


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Kyle Brennan needs a break.
After scouring the earth for his mate, he finally found her in the least convenient place possible. Then she was ripped away from him by forces neither of them could control. But the woman who came back to him isn't the one who left. Kyle doesn't know this woman, and he's not so sure he wants to.
Nicola Miller has a big problem.
She can't remember a single second of her life before she woke up in a hospital bed in Knoxville, Tennessee. Not just that, but she has a huge, hulking man in her hospital room claiming to be her husband - a man she obviously doesn't remember - who looks at her as if she'll strike like a snake at any given moment. She's not sure how things could get any worse.
But the last shards of Nicola's life are about to be burned to the ground. Because someone has to pay for the sins of the past, and she's wearing the face of the woman who committed them.
It looks like the last of their luck has just run out.


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Her Bear for Life
Drake knew that Mia was his mate when he first laid eyes on her at fifteen years old. The last thing he ever expected was for her to be taken away from him and for her not to return to their small Montana town until twelve years later.
Mia loved Drake with all of her young heart, but when all of her letters went unanswered, she assumed her parents were telling the truth when they said he'd moved on. Now, her mother's in the hospital and she's forced to return to Spring Creek, Montana and face him after all this time.
Drake's been waiting for his mate to return home, to get answers for why she left without looking back, and to claim her as his. Now Mia's back where she belongs, in his bed and in his arms, but someone is still trying to keep them apart. Little do they know that Drake is her bear for life, and has no intention of ever letting her go again.
Her Bear to Keep
Tyson and Jordan were friends growing up, and although Jordan always had a crush on Ty, he didn't see her in that light until he finally came into his birthright. A late bloomer, it only took one look at Jordan after his first shift, to realize his mate had been right there next to him for years.
Their love was young, strong, and true, but when Jordan became sick and could no longer be the woman she believed Ty deserved to be with, she pushed him away. Now Jordan will stop at nothing to find happiness for Tyson, even if her heart has to continuously break in the process.
Frustrated with Jordan's antics, but realizing her heart is in the right place, Tyson plays along with Jordan's plan, even as he knows in his heart and soul, that she's the only woman for him. Ty will do anything to get his mate back where she belongs... by his side, forever.
Her Bear to Hold
Mika has wanted Trinity from afar since they were in school together. She was quiet, delicate, and sweet, which always brought out his protective side. An early shifter, Mika always felt like a large, bumbling, awkward bear in her presence, so he never worked up the courage to make his move.
Trinity followed her dreams after high school and went to Los Angeles to pursue her a career in dance. Raised by a single mother with no idea who her father was, Trinity was shocked, confused, and terrified, when in her late twenties she found out she was a snow leopard shifter. Needing comfort, familiarity, and a place to roam safely, she decided to return home to Spring Creek.
Mika knows interspecies mating is illegal, but when Trinity returns home, their pull is too great, and he decides she’s worth the risk. What starts out as chemistry, quickly turns to more, and Mika realizes that Trinity has always been his mate. Snow leopard or not, all Mika knows is that he wants to be with her for the rest of his life. The question is, can he convince Drake, his clan, and the town, that there shouldn’t be laws dictating who he can love, or will he and Trinity have to leave everything, and everyone they love, behind?



Dead men tell no tales...
For more than 200 years, the Treasure Pit on Oak Isle has baffled treasure hunters, engineers, and the common man alike. When Samantha Greene arrives, she finds her estranged father has spent years funneling energy and finances into the endeavor, finding nothing.
When an accidental death occurs in the pit, fulfilling the prophecy that seven lives must end before the treasure can be found, the search kicks into high gear, with more than one party vying for the secrets that lie below. Finding herself the closest to the treasure anyone has ever been, Samantha throws herself into the work, landing among the coveted prize. Just as she's about to discover what's truly hidden beneath the island, the pit begins to flood with ocean water, sweeping her away despite her attempts to swim to the surface.
Upon awaking, Samantha discovers that, not only did she not drown, but the year is 1695--one hundred years before the Treasure Pit was even discovered. Carried off by the pirate Tristan O'Rourke, a rogue Irishman with more than his share of secrets, she soon finds that there is much more than she realized in play. Will she discover the secrets of Oak Isle, or will an unexpected love keep her from finding out the truth? Will she ever make it back to her own time? Perhaps the real question is this; will she want to?