Saturday, 10 June 2017

#ShatteredDaysRelease by Lee Trawick

Shattered Days
Finding Grace in the Endless Battle by Lee Trawick


With the world on the brink of collapsing to the Nazi regime, the world is looking for a miracle one is found in an open field in Northern France on March 19th 1944. Thaddeus Grace is left for dead by the Germans and presumed dead by the United States. He is left with no memory of who he is, how he got there, what he is doing there. Armed with only a photograph he is driven to make a difference and fight his way through the war, and find the woman in the photograph who saved him throughout. Faced with many insurmountable odds, he faced them all; while inspiring a nation to rise up and defend their homeland. But leaving the question to be answered, who is the beautiful woman in the photograph and what role did she play in his life.