Tuesday, 20 June 2017

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The Keys to My Diary: Fern
The Keys to My Diary: Fern By Ann Omasta
On her 42nd birthday, Fern begins a new diary. In this lighthearted romantic comedy, peek into her daily life as she encounters foulmouthed parrots, wrangles her eccentric mother, and meets a man who just might be perfect. “Laugh-out-loud funny… a good vacation read” (Kirkus Reviews).
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Chick Lit
Patience By Helena Stone
Tired of meaningless hookups, Xander accepts a challenge to remain celibate for one month. But his will is put to the ultimate test when he meets gorgeous tattoo artist Troy…
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H.H. Holmes
H.H. Holmes By Adam Selzer
Witness H. H. Holmes like never before, from his horrific crimes to his infamous “castle.” Full of new information, this study of America’s first serial killer is “exhaustively researched… engrossing, totally engaging, all at once thrilling and chilling” (New York Times bestselling author M. William Phelps).
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True Crime
Sinful Cinderella
Sinful Cinderella By Anita Valle
To her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella seems like a meek, docile girl — but they’re about to learn how fatally mistaken they are… A wickedly entertaining retelling of the classic fairy tale.
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Teen and Young Adult
Shades of the Gods
Shades of the Gods By Erin Hayes
When homicide detective Callie gets hit by a bus, she makes a dangerous deal with Hades: another shot at life in exchange for her investigative services. With her existence on the line, Callie must race to stop a god-slayer in this lightning-paced adventure.
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Supernatural Suspense
Grace Lost
Grace Lost By M. Lauryl Lewis
In a world gone mad, one woman discovers she carries a chilling link to the abominable menaces that are ravaging humanity — and the greatest threats may be those hiding in plain sight…
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Frey By Melissa Wright
After her mother’s death, Frey is sent to live in a small village — where she’s accused of using dark magic. Forced to flee with a ragtag gang of strangers, she soon discovers new, incredible powers… With nearly 1,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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The Spaceship Next Door
The Spaceship Next Door By Gene Doucette
Three years ago, a spaceship landed in sleepy Sorrow Falls. There’s been no sign of activity since, but Annie is convinced the ship holds a secret. When a government agent begins poking around, he and Annie uncover a dangerous mystery…
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Science Fiction
Loving Day
Loving Day By Mat Johnson
New York Times Notable Book! When Warren meets the daughter he never knew he had, they embark on a funny, poignant odyssey that blurs America’s racial divide. “A welcome effort from a major talent” (The Boston Globe).
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Literary Fiction
The Salty Dog
The Salty Dog By Debbie White
After a devastating tragedy upends her world, Libby must learn to start fresh in her quaint seaside town with her loyal canine companion by her side. A beautifully crafted story about love and second chances.
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Women's Fiction
Paper Roses
Paper Roses By Amanda Cabot
Mail-order bride Sarah Dobbs arrives in Texas only to learn that her groom-to-be has died. Could the brother of her betrothed hold the key to her heart? An uplifting novel with nearly 850 five-star reviews on Amazon.
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Christian Fiction
Cast Iron Cookbook
Cast Iron Cookbook By Joanna Pruess
Create one-pan dishes and more with the timeless and versatile cast-iron skillet! This no-nonsense cookbook makes it easy to whip up delicious home-cooked meals even on hectic weeknights.
$2.99 $20.99 
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Stalin By Ian Grey
How did Joseph Stalin go from his impoverished beginnings in Georgia to brutal Communist dictator? A New York Timesbestselling author explores the complex paradoxes of Stalin’s ruthless life and rule in this comprehensive biography.
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City of Scoundrels
City of Scoundrels By Gary Krist
This “spectacular and vivid” New York Times bestseller (The Washington Post) is perfect for fans of The Devil in the White City: Over the course of 12 days in 1919, Chicago faced a blimp crash, riots, a transit strike, and a child’s harrowing murder. A “vibrant slice of urban history” (Publishers Weekly).
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The Hamilton Affair
The Hamilton Affair By Elizabeth Cobbs
Set during the American Revolution, this “page-turning historical novel” (Booklist starred review) sheds light on Alexander Hamilton’s profound romance with Elizabeth Schuyler. “A juicy answer to Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton” (Cosmopolitan).
$2.99 $18.41 
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Historical Fiction
Everything for Her
Everything for Her By Alexa Riley
A steamy New York Times bestseller: Domineering billionaire Miles has wanted Mallory ever since he first laid eyes on her — and he’ll do whatever it takes to seduce her… “I devour every single delicious word Alexa Riley writes” (Maya Banks).
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New Adult Romance
Breakaway By Ali Parker
Hockey star Lucas is too busy chasing victory to have time for romance. But all bets are off when his teammate’s sister Aubrey decides to change his mind…
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New Adult Romance
Edge By Tiffinie Helmer
From a USA Today bestselling author: Mel Bennett has fought hard for a peaceful life at her Alaskan lodge. The arrival of handsome Cache Calder is hot enough to melt her cool exterior — but someone is watching Mel’s every move with deadly intentions…
$1.32 $7.55 
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Romantic Suspense
From Jennifer Ashley, with Love
From Jennifer Ashley, with Love By Jennifer Ashley and Allyson James
Three sizzling paranormal romances from a New York Times bestselling author! From sexy shifters to immortal warriors and vampires, this page-turning box set will steal your heart.
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Paranormal Romance
The Highland Brides
The Highland Brides By Tanya Anne Crosby
An enchanting pair of Highland tales from a New York Timesbestselling author. “Tanya Anne Crosby writes remarkable love stories” (New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas).
$0.99 $6.29 
Historical Romance
Loving the Marquess
Loving the Marquess By Suzanna Medeiros
The Marquess of Overlea needs an heir before an inherited illness claims his life. He weds beautiful but ruined Louisa, planning to have another man father their son to ensure a healthy successor — but all that changes when he finds himself falling for her…
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Historical Romance
Marry Screw Kill
Marry Screw Kill By Liv Morris
After a tragedy, Harlow seeks solace with James, an older man — whose comfort soon turns into obsession. She’s agreed to marry him, but can she escape his possession to find true love?
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Dark Romance & Erotica
Engaging the Bachelor
Engaging the Bachelor By Cathryn Fox
Carson proposes a fake engagement with Gemma to convince his family he’s settling down. But as their passion boils over, will this pretend relationship get in the way of their real sexual chemistry?
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Erotic Romance
Better Date Than Never Box Set: Books 1–6
Better Date Than Never Box Set: Books 1–6 By Susan Hatler
USA Today bestselling author delivers a collection of witty, laugh-out-loud love stories filled with unforgettable characters. Six friends deal with blind dates, sexy dares, fun flirtations, and so much more!
$0.99 $10.99 
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Contemporary Romance
Montana Brides Box Set: Books 1–3
Montana Brides Box Set: Books 1–3 By Leeanna Morgan
In this delightful box set, three women discover love in rural Montana. These heartwarming romances will capture your imagination!
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Contemporary Romance
Bullets of Palestine
Bullets of Palestine By Howard Kaplan
A powerful page-turner from an author who’s “right up there with the best” (Clive Cussler): Two agents — one Israeli, one Palestinian — must put aside their deep-seated differences to eliminate a ruthless terrorist who threatens both their societies.
$0.99 $10.07 
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Action and Adventure
I’m Watching You
I’m Watching You By Mary Burton
“Creepy and terrifying, it will give you the chills” (RT Book Reviews): Lindsay O’Neil has an obsessed stalker — and every person he kills, he kills as a gift for her… With nearly 500 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
$2.99 $6.19 
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Undertaker’s Widow
Undertaker’s Widow By Phillip Margolin
Gripping legal suspense from a New York Times bestselling author: When a rising political star is implicated in her husband’s sensational murder, judge Richard Quinn vows to dig up the truth — even if he has to go outside the law…
$1.99 $7.99 
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Deadly Impulse
Deadly Impulse By Carolyn Arnold
When a woman is slain outside a hospital, detective Madison Knight believes she has all the clues to make an arrest. But after two more deaths, each with different MOs, she and her partner must uncover their link before the killer strikes again.
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Crime Fiction