Saturday, 15 July 2017

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The Decent Proposal
The Decent Proposal By Kemper Donovan
Richard is a struggling film producer and Elizabeth is a workaholic lawyer. When an anonymous benefactor offers a million dollars if they agree to spend two hours a week together for a year, opposites might attract… “A page-turning tale brimming with heart” (Booklist).
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Chick Lit
The Green Ember
The Green Ember By S. D. Smith and Zach Franzen
Perfect for fans of The Chronicles of Narnia: Rabbits Heather and Picket find themselves far away from their ordinary lives, swept up in a world of kings and castles, where loyalty and friendship will be tested… An exhilarating adventure with over 1,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads.
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Middle Grade
The Fate of the Tearling
The Fate of the Tearling By Erika Johansen
From a New York Times bestselling author comes an “outstanding” fantasy epic (Booklist starred review): No longer an awkward teenager, Kelsea, the Queen of the Tearling, makes a desperate gambit to save her people. “Katniss Everdeen, you have competition” (Entertainment Weekly).
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Teen and Young Adult
The Borrowed Souls
The Borrowed Souls By Paul B Kohler
Overwhelmed and adrift, Jack Duffy commits suicide — but he didn’t count on an afterlife like this. Tasked with collecting souls, Jack must confront his own life as he passes judgment on others… and with each new soul, his power grows. A chilling fantasy!
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The Age of Odin
The Age of Odin By James Lovegrove
An action-packed New York Times bestseller from “a master of the craft” (The Guardian): The only life Gideon knows is as a soldier — but when he’s recruited for the Valhalla Project, he doesn’t realize he’ll be fighting next to ancient Norse gods in a battle to save the world.
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Science Fiction
The Metropolis Case
The Metropolis Case By Matthew Gallaway
“So well written… it quickly absorbs you into its worlds” (The New York Times). Bound together by an opera, four people from different decades face love, tragedy, possibility, and fate. An “intricate” story that “engages the reader emotionally on every page” (The Washington Post).
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Literary Fiction
Be Frank with Me
Be Frank with Me By Julia Claiborne Johnson
For fans of Where’d You Go, Bernadette: When Alice is hired as caretaker for a reclusive author’s peculiar son, she finds herself pulled into a captivating search for the boy’s father. “Magnificently poignant, funny, and wholly original” (Library Journal).
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Women's Fiction
The Easy Low-Sodium Diet Plan & Cookbook
The Easy Low-Sodium Diet Plan & Cookbook By Christopher Lower
Cutting down on added salt can mean a world of difference when it comes to your well-being. With meal plans and nearly 100 quick-fix and slow cooker recipes, this cookbook makes it effortless to maintain a delicious, healthy diet!
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The Wangs vs. the World
The Wangs vs. the World By Jade Chang
“Head-spinning fun” (Kirkus Reviews): When Chinese immigrant Charles Wang loses his successful business to the financial crisis, he drags his reluctant family on a cross-country road trip. “A manic, consistently funny book… compassionate and bright-eyed” (The New York Times Book Review).
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The Dog Who Came to Stay
The Dog Who Came to Stay By Hal Borland
In the middle of a blizzard, Hal heard a desperate howl at the door… and met a skinny mutt named Pat who changed his life forever. “Much more than a superior dog book!” (Library Journal).
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Biographies and Memoirs
Jivamukti Yoga
Jivamukti Yoga By Sharon Gannon and David Life
Seek clarity, inner strength, and self-discovery with a method deeply rooted in ancient wisdom! In this essential guide to physical and spiritual wellness, the creators of Jivamukti Yoga offer an in-depth look at their practices and important poses.
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Advice and How-To
Canaan Island: Books 1–3
Canaan Island: Books 1–3 By Meg Collett
Can three women lost in life find true love and passion on a gorgeous tropical island? Find out in this sensuous collection of hot romances!
$1.99 $10.07 
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New Adult Romance
Mr. Sinful
Mr. Sinful By Serenity Woods
From a USA Today bestselling author: Blogger Faith Hillman needs real-life experience in order to write some sex tips. Her brother’s best friend, Rusty, offers his assistance — but will their arrangement turn to more?
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New Adult Romance
Forever Entangled
Forever Entangled By Kathleen Brooks
From a New York Times bestselling author: A murder brings FBI Agent Ryan Parker to his Kentucky hometown — and back into the life of his old crush, Sienna Ashton. Will deadly peril bring them together at last?
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Romantic Suspense
Cade By V.A. Dold
Anna James has finally escaped her ex-husband and is ready to start anew. The only man she needs is the irresistible alpha shifter who appears in her dreams. But this fantasy man is real, and he’s on a mission to find her, protect her, and claim her as his mate…
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Paranormal Romance
Once Upon a Duke
Once Upon a Duke By Eva Devon
After the death of her deceitful husband, Kathryn revels in the freedom of being a wealthy widow. She finds delicious diversion with Ryder, better known as the Duke of Debauchery — but what will happen when her feelings for him unexpectedly deepen?
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Historical Romance
Moon Over Montana
Moon Over Montana By Caroline Fyffe
From a USA Today bestselling author: In the late 1800s, a Montana couple faces the ultimate test as unearthed secrets threaten to break up their marriage before it even begins! Can Charity and Brandon find love and move beyond tragedy?
Free! $5.03 
American Historical Romance
Thompson & Sons: Books 1–2
Thompson & Sons: Books 1–2 By Vivian Arend
From a New York Times bestselling author! In this box set of two sinfully sexy romances, Katy falls for her brother’s best friend and Anna finds it hard to resist a bad boy.
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Erotic Romance
Accidental Bride
Accidental Bride By Noelle Adams
After one night in Vegas, best friends Kelly and Peter wake up married. Now Peter has one month to convince the woman he’s always loved that their wedding wasn’t a mistake! From a USA Today bestselling author.
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Contemporary Romance
The Castle Mountain Lodge Collection: Books 1–4
The Castle Mountain Lodge Collection: Books 1–4 By Elena Aitken
A heartwarming romance collection that will sweep you off your feet! Men and women come to the Castle Mountain Lodge to forget their troubles… and find a love that will last forever.
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Contemporary Romance
The Jake Fonko Series: Books 4–6
The Jake Fonko Series: Books 4–6 By B. Hesse Pflingger
Army Ranger turned covert agent: There’s no such thing as a routine mission when Jake Fonko is on the job. Join him in this thrilling, globe-spanning collection as he faces corrupt politics and rebel conflicts.
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Action and Adventure
The Face of Justice
The Face of Justice By Bill Blum
Framed for his ex-wife’s murder and targeted by a dangerous client from his past, defense attorney David must hurdle a mountain of complications to clear his name and avoid a killer’s clutches. From “a writer of considerable talent” (Richard North Patterson).
$0.99 $3.99 
Gone the Next
Gone the Next By Ben Rehder
From an Edgar Award–nominated author: While investigating routine fraud, Roy sees a girl matching the description of little Tracy Turner — who’s been reported missing. The police don’t believe him, but Roy knows he’s stumbled upon the biggest case of his life…
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Crime Fiction
The Skeleton in the Closet
The Skeleton in the Closet By Angie Fox
There were no witnesses to a murder at the local library — but ghost hunter Verity Long knows that someone beyond the grave might have seen the crime… A charming supernatural whodunit from a New York Times bestselling author!
$1.25 $5.99 
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Cozy Mysteries
Sinister By Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush, and Rosalind Noonan
A thrilling, hard-to-put-down novel from three New York Times bestselling authors! Decades after a mysterious fire devastated the Dillinger home, the arsonist and killer is making his vengeful presence felt again — and this time, he won’t leave any survivors…
$1.99 $3.96 
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