Tuesday, 25 July 2017

#BookBub Deals

The Color of Time
The Color of Time By Julianne MacLean
From a USA Today bestselling author: When Sylvie is returned to the long-ago summer of her first love, will she take the chance to do it all over again? “Impossible to put down” (New York Times bestselling author Emily March).
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Time Travel Romance
Prejudice Meets Pride
Prejudice Meets Pride By Rachael Anderson
An irresistible spin on the Jane Austen classic: Broke and with no job prospects, Emma faces her biggest challenge when she takes custody of her two young nieces. Handsome neighbor Kevin thinks he knows a thing or two — but Emma is determined to figure it out on her own!
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Chick Lit
A Kind of Romance
A Kind of Romance By Lane Hayes
Zeke is a Wall Street shark with a take-no-prisoners attitude. When his dad fixes him up with Benny, an eccentric aspiring costume designer, it seems like a ridiculous match — until the two discover irresistible chemistry…
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Who Killed My Daughter?
Who Killed My Daughter? By Lois Duncan
From an award-winning author comes the gripping true story of her decades-long effort to solve her daughter’s murder. A moving, suspenseful tale of love, loss, and perseverance.
$1.99 $9.59 
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True Crime
The Emperor’s Cool Clothes
The Emperor’s Cool Clothes By Lee Harper
A hilarious version of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale: An emperor penguin has an amazing new set of clothes — but what if no one is cool enough to see them? “The visual humor makes this a winner” (Kirkus Reviews).
$1.00 $5.03 
Awakening By Catrina Burgess
Desperate and alone, Colina turns to forbidden magic — but to master it, she must survive three horrific rituals. Can Luke teach her the Death Arts… or will she lose herself to darkness?
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Teen and Young Adult
The Best Paranormal Crime Stories Ever Told
The Best Paranormal Crime Stories Ever Told By Collected Authors
For those who like their mysteries with a side of spooky! This mammoth anthology presents the paranormal crime genre at its very best, with hair-raising stories from bestselling authors like Kelley Armstrong, Anne Perry, and Patricia Briggs.
$2.99 $16.99 
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Supernatural Suspense
Mercy By Richard Turner
After the close of the American Civil War, an investigator arrives in a Louisiana town. He aims to deal with the vengeful Confederate soldiers roaming the woods — but something far more deadly is lurking beneath the trees, waiting for darkness to fall…
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Once Upon a Kiss
Once Upon a Kiss By Collected Authors
From Beauty and the Beast to The Princess and the Pea, 17 talented authors turn beloved stories and forgotten classics upside down in this spellbinding anthology.
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Spear’s Journey
Spear’s Journey By Neil Mosspark
On a devastated world, a slave named Spear struggles to obey his master’s bizarre commands — until his dreams compel him to make a desperate bid for freedom… A fast-paced and thought-provoking futuristic adventure!
$0.99 $2.99 
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Science Fiction
The Boo
The Boo By Pat Conroy
From a #1 New York Times bestselling author: This breathtaking meditation on loyalty, identity, and humanity follows the Boo — a leader at the Citadel, a famed military academy — through acts of inspiration and fellowship.
$1.99 $17.99 
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Literary Fiction
The Summer Everything Changed
The Summer Everything Changed By Holly Chamberlin
Reeling from her failed marriage and hoping for a fresh start, Louise buys a bed-and-breakfast in coastal Maine. But as a celebrity wedding unfolds on the property, Louise and her teenage daughter face their own underlying issues in this beautifully crafted story.
$2.99 $7.53 
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Women's Fiction
The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump
The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump By Jackie Macgirvin
In this deeply inspiring Christian read, self-absorbed Julie finds her life transformed when an incredible encounter with Jesus catapults her to India, where she must care for 12 struggling orphans — and learn what matters most…
$1.24 $9.99 
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Christian Fiction
The Photograph
The Photograph By Beverly Lewis
“A moving journey” (RT Book Reviews) from a New York Times bestselling author: When Jed arrives in Lancaster, Eva is drawn to his quiet charms — but is the woman in Jed’s forbidden photograph Eva’s missing sister?
$1.99 $9.99 
Christian Fiction
The Boy Born Dead
The Boy Born Dead By David Ring with John Driver and David Wideman
Experience “a much-beloved message of grace and hope” (Joni Eareckson Tada) in this stunning memoir from a renowned minister. “Very few people can speak to adversity and overcoming obstacles with greater authority than David” (Mike Huckabee).
$1.99 $14.99 
Christian Nonfiction
Searching for Bobby Fischer
Searching for Bobby Fischer By Fred Waitzkin
The book that inspired the acclaimed film: Father of a chess prodigy, Fred recalls guiding his son into the high-stress world of competitive chess — all while walking the line between being an encouraging parent and pushing his own dream. A fascinating read about ambition, obsession, victory, and defeat.
$1.99 $10.20 
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Biographies and Memoirs
The Reign of Queen Victoria
The Reign of Queen Victoria By Hector Bolitho
Queen Victoria took the throne when she was only 18 — and became one of the greatest figures in British history. From her childhood and personal relationships to the secrets of her long rule, follow this significant monarch’s extraordinary life!
$0.99 $5.03 
When I Say No, I Feel Guilty
When I Say No, I Feel Guilty By Manuel J. Smith
New York Times bestseller! Are you tired of falling prey to manipulation and guilt-trips? Learn how to take control of your life with the sure-fire techniques in this practical guide!
$1.99 $8.99 
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Advice and How-To
Sword of Empire: The Complete Campaigns
Sword of Empire: The Complete Campaigns By Richard Foreman
In the final years of his reign, Marcus Aurelius and his centurion Gaius Maximus face deadly intrigue as they defend the Empire from its enemies. A riveting historical trilogy set in ancient Rome!
$0.99 $3.99 
Historical Fiction
Forever Ride
Forever Ride By Chelsea Camaron
From a USA Today bestselling author: Deep in a coma, Tank dreams of beautiful Sass every day. But can she find her way back to him before it’s too late? With nearly 1,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
$1.32 $5.03 
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New Adult Romance
Never Standing Still
Never Standing Still By Anie Michaels
In this heartrending read, Kalli has no time for romance — until she develops undeniable chemistry with handsome Riot. But can he break down the walls that protect her heart?
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New Adult Romance
Just Breathe
Just Breathe By Dee Davis
“Sizzling” (RT Book Reviews): When innocent beauty Chloe gets caught up in his hunt for a murderer, ex-CIA agent Matthew feels responsible for her safety. Can she pose as his fiancée for the remainder of the mission — or will a very real passion ignite?
$0.99 $6.29 
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Romantic Suspense
Damage Control
Damage Control By Lisa Renee Jones
From a New York Times bestselling author comes a “high-octane romance” (Publishers Weekly): Struggling to preserve his family’s legacy, Shane finds himself distracted by his white-hot attraction to Emily. Can he protect her from powerful enemies? “Super sexy and wildly intense” (RT Book Reviews).
$1.99 $8.99 
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Romantic Suspense
Captured By Erica Stevens
A tempting page-turner with nearly 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon! Aria’s worst fears come true when vampire Braith takes her as his blood slave. He stands for everything she hates — so why does she find him irresistible?
Free! $1.25 
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Paranormal Romance
All Regency Collection
All Regency Collection By Collected Authors
From six award-winning authors: Discover buried secrets, star-crossed love, and one unforgettable wedding gift in this enchanting collection of historical romance novellas set in Regency England!
$1.32 $6.29 
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Historical Romance
Stone Devil Duke
Stone Devil Duke By K.J. Jackson
After her father is killed, Lady Augustine will do whatever it takes to bring those responsible to justice. The Duke of Dunway is bound by duty to protect her, but he doesn’t expect to fall in love…
Free! $4.99 
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Historical Romance
Dark Bishop
Dark Bishop By C. L. Bond and Rachael Brownell
When Sydney Coder meets powerful, intoxicating Jake Bishop, she’s soon caught up in his dark seduction. But Jake isn’t the man she thinks he is…
$0.99 $3.77 
Dark Romance & Erotica
The Billionaire’s Voice
The Billionaire’s Voice By J.S. Scott
From a USA Today bestselling author: After losing her hearing, Tessa has learned to manage whatever life throws her way. But when she meets billionaire Micah, can she handle their undeniable passion? With over 2,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads.
$1.99 $6.29 
Erotic Romance
Breathless in Love
Breathless in Love By Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully
When lonely Harper meets a tormented billionaire named Will, could they both have a chance at true happiness? A sizzling USA Today bestseller!
$0.99 $5.99 
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Contemporary Romance
Where You Least Expect
Where You Least Expect By Kaye Blue
Joe, a Navy SEAL, can’t help sparring with his annoying new neighbor Verna. But when life brings them closer together, their clash of personalities sparks a surprising passion!
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Contemporary Romance
The War Planners Series: Books 1–3
The War Planners Series: Books 1–3 By Andrew Watts
China plots a devastating attack on the US — and only the combined military and technological expertise of the Manning family can prevent all-out war. Tom Clancy fans will appreciate this set of three adrenaline-charged thrillers!
$0.99 $8.99 
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Six John Jordan Mysteries
Six John Jordan Mysteries By Michael Lister
An ex-cop turned prison chaplain investigates unique and puzzling murders in a New York Times bestselling mystery collection that “crackles with authenticity” (Michael Connelly). “Lister’s hard-edged prose ranks with the best of contemporary noir fiction” (Publishers Weekly starred review).
Free! $12.59 
Crime Fiction