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The Devil Wears Scrubs
The Devil Wears Scrubs By Freida McFadden

Between difficult patients, a maddeningly handsome surgeon, and long hours, new doctor Jane McGill has enough on her plate without adding a senior resident determined to make Jane’s life hell! A Grey’s Anatomy–esque take on the Lauren Weisberger classic.
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Chick Lit
London Calling
London Calling By Clare Lydon

A charming, witty romance: Jess never expected to be moving back in with her parents at the age of 32. But just as things seem hopeless, she makes an unexpected connection with a gorgeous woman. Could happily ever after be on the horizon?
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All You’ll Ever Need
All You’ll Ever Need By Sharon C. Cooper

Jada “JJ” Jenkins may work in construction, but her real passion is for designer clothes and easy living. When she meets a devilishly handsome football player, JJ pretends she’s crazy for the outdoors… which is only the start of her problems. A fun, sexy read!
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African American Interest
The Gryphon Series: Books 1–4
The Gryphon Series: Books 1–4 By Stacey Rourke

Celeste Garrett would love to have a normal life, but unfortunately she’s destined to go on a supernatural adventure and save the world! A captivating fantasy series.
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Teen and Young Adult
Skin By Donna Jo Napoli

When Sep discovers she has vitiligo, an irreversible skin condition, she’s determined to hide it from everyone. But can she find romance — and learn to love herself? “Sexy and evocative” (Laurie Halse Anderson, bestselling author of Speak).
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Teen and Young Adult
The Immortal Descendants Box Set: Books 1–3
The Immortal Descendants Box Set: Books 1–3 By April White

A breathtaking fantasy collection: When Saira travels back through the centuries, she finds herself caught up in events — from Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror to executions at the Tower of London. Can she master her newfound abilities and survive the perils of the past?
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The Zero Stone
The Zero Stone By Andre Norton

“Extraordinary imagination… good, sustaining action” (Kirkus Reviews): A mysterious ring sends an apprentice gem trader and a feline mutant on a dangerous interstellar quest in this spellbinding adventure from the “grande dame of science fiction” (Life).
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Science Fiction
Await Your Reply
Await Your Reply By Dan Chaon

New York Times bestseller with over 1,900 five-star ratings on Goodreads: As Miles searches for his long-missing brother, his life intertwines with a girl who runs away with her teacher and a college dropout looking to reinvent himself. “Engrossing” (The Washington Post).
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Literary Fiction
Miss You
Miss You By Kate Eberlen

“A witty, poignant, and uplifting story… I couldn’t put it down” (Sophie Kinsella): Young Tess and Gus cross paths in a life-changing moment in Florence. As the years pass, will they find their way back to each other? Perfect for fans of David Nicholls.
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Women's Fiction
Always Watching
Always Watching By Lynette Eason

A Carol Award–winning author delivers high-stakes thrills grounded in faith: Bodyguard Olivia is protecting Wade from a stalker. But as the threat grows, Olivia develops feelings for her famous client… “One of the best romantic suspense novels I’ve read in a long time” (Colleen Coble).
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Christian Fiction
Counted with the Stars
Counted with the Stars By Connilyn Cossette

Adapting the Book of Exodus, this epic tale follows Kiya, a Gentile who takes up with the Hebrews on their journey through the desert. “Biblical fiction buffs… are sure to be swept away” (Library Journal).
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Christian Fiction
One Minute with God
One Minute with God By Dr. Keith Ellis

Looking to revitalize your relationship with God? Drawing from a true story of divine intervention, this insightful book maps out how your spiritual life can be reenergized in just one minute.
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Christian Nonfiction
Gravity By Lauren Runow

The boy next door became the rock star of Lily’s dreams… but somewhere along the way, she fell into his shadow. Can Trevin prove he deserves Lily’s love? A swoon-worthy read!
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New Adult Romance
Pressing Adalyn
Pressing Adalyn By Jenn Hype

In an effort to leave her traumatic past behind, Adalyn moves to the big city. But her carefully laid plans are thrown aside when she meets successful businessman Ian…
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New Adult Romance
The Cowgirl in Question
The Cowgirl in Question By B.J. Daniels

From a New York Times bestselling author: Cowboy Rourke McCall won’t let anything stop him from tracking down the killer who ruined his life. But when he’s reunited with Cassidy, the hometown beauty he hasn’t seen in ages, he’s roped into a distracting romance…
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Romantic Suspense
Dragon Splendor
Dragon Splendor By Ophelia Bell

Beautiful dragon shifter Aurum has been dreaming for many years about her mates — and when she finally meets Calder and Nicholas, the passion is undeniable!
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Paranormal Romance
Abandoned and Protected
Abandoned and Protected By Bree Wolf

When Henrietta is married off to Connor Brunwood, Marquis of Rodridge, she’s determined to hate the Scotsman. Can she learn to look past her prejudices and find love?
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Historical Romance
The Stepmother
The Stepmother By Caroline Lee

A fairy tale–inspired frontier romance: Doctor Jack and his little daughter are new to Everland, Wyoming — and the town’s Guild of Godmothers is determined to find him a wife! When Meri arrives as Jack’s mail-order bride, will they find their happily ever after?
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American Historical Romance
Filthy Rich
Filthy Rich By Raine Miller

“Hot, romantic, captivating” (New York Times bestselling author Jana Aston): Billionaire Caleb can’t resist penniless Brooke — but will old mistakes sabotage their desire for each other? With over 1,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
$0.99 $6.29 
Erotic Romance
The Newcomer
The Newcomer By Robyn Carr

A “thoughtful, well-plotted” small-town romance (Booklist) from a #1 New York Times bestselling author! The daughters of single dad Mac and single mom Gina are best friends — but can their parents find happiness together?
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Contemporary Romance
Beauty and the Mustache
Beauty and the Mustache By Penny Reid

From a USA Today bestselling author: Ashley prefers books to real life. But when she heads home to Tennessee, she’ll have to deal with her six boisterous brothers, a host of messy emotions, and the interest of local hero Drew Runous. With over 4,700 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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Contemporary Romance
Hunting Delilah
Hunting Delilah By Anne Baines

After a planned heist goes sideways, low-level con Delilah breaks into a wealthy person’s home to compensate for the lost loot. But instead of finding an empty house brimming with valuables, Delilah walks in on a murder…
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Rogue Wave
Rogue Wave By Christopher Cartwright

Four scientists stand to split $20 billion if they destroy their groundbreaking new discovery — but will they survive if they refuse? The future of the world hangs in the balance as Sam Reilly navigates a maze of industrial espionage and political intrigue.
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Hunted By Monty Marsden

Seven years ago, renowned criminologist Dr. Claps profiled a killer with multiple personalities, leading to the man’s incarceration. But now the murderer has escaped — and Claps must revisit the past to ensure he’s returned to custody… before he strikes again.
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Crime Fiction
Ultraviolet By Nancy Bush

From a New York Times bestselling author: PI Jane Kelly is hired to solve the murder of a famous plastic surgeon. With her loyal pug, Binky, can she uncover the killer’s identity? “Bush has another hit on her hands” (RT Book Reviews).
$1.99 $5.09 
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