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The Keys of the Watchmen
The Keys of the Watchmen By Kathleen C. Perrin

Katelyn gets a strange sense of déjà vu while visiting the island community of Mont-Saint-Michel. Soon she’s thrown back in time to the medieval era, where she must save a village — and fight her desire for temperamental Nicolas.
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Time Travel Romance
Paige’s Turn
Paige’s Turn By Jennifer Peel

When Paige inherits her beloved Aunt Mitzi’s fortune and bookstore, she moves back to the hometown she left 10 years ago. But Mitzi had another surprise up her sleeve: a carefully orchestrated plan to set Paige up with Sam, the community’s most eligible bachelor…
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Chick Lit
Banded By Logan Byrne

In a dystopian future, Kalenna is outfitted with a gadget that keeps track of her good and bad actions — with severe consequences if she doesn’t meet her quota. But soon she makes a shocking discovery that could bring the entire system down…
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Teen and Young Adult
Angel’s Kiss
Angel’s Kiss By Melanie Tomlin

When a vampire attacks her, Helena taps into strange and mysterious powers she never knew she had. With a massive target on her back, can she survive an onslaught of nightmarish creatures?
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Supernatural Suspense
Alignment: The Silent City
Alignment: The Silent City By H. G. Suren

When five friends wake up to find the entire planet dark and desolate, they wonder if they’re truly alone. Chilling events begin to plague them as they struggle to find a way back to the Earth they once knew…
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A Quest of Heroes
A Quest of Heroes By Morgan Rice

A breathtaking epic full of dragons, sorcerers, and court intrigue! Follow Thorgrin as he struggles to become a warrior and understand his extraordinary powers. With over 3,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads.
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Squid’s Grief
Squid’s Grief By DK Mok

In a futuristic city ruled by ruthless crime lords, a car thief named Squid helps a man with amnesia search for his lost identity — only to collide with far more trouble than she bargained for!
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Science Fiction
The Book of Air
The Book of Air By Joe Treasure

As a virus takes hold of the city, Jason constructs a compound in the countryside with a group of fellow survivors — and far into the future, Agnes yearns for freedom from the haven they built. Two stunning, interwoven tales of survival in a broken world.
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Literary Fiction
The Problem with Murmur Lee
The Problem with Murmur Lee By Connie May Fowler

After a young woman’s mysterious death, her friends vow to uncover what really happened to her — while she embarks on her own journey of self-discovery in the afterlife. “Its deeply affecting story left me with an aching love for life” (Sue Monk Kidd).
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Women's Fiction
Forgiven By Terri Roberts with Jeanette Windle

After her son committed an unthinkable act of violence, Terri Roberts was lost. But salvation came from a shocking source — the Amish community her child had devastated. “You will be drawn, as I was, to embrace fully the miracle and blessing of forgiveness” (Beverly Lewis).
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Christian Nonfiction
Start Here
Start Here By David Dwight and Nicole Unice

Whether you want to form a relationship with Jesus or reaffirm the one you already have, this practical guide is the perfect place to start! An illuminating book that “gives His simple message uncomplicated, accurate freshness” (New York Times bestselling author Bob Goff).
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Christian Nonfiction
Two-Part Invention
Two-Part Invention By Madeleine L’Engle

The beloved, Newbery Medal–winning author of A Wrinkle in Time shares a heartwarming and tear-jerking true story of love, marriage, and family. With over 1,100 five-star ratings on Goodreads.
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Biographies and Memoirs
Nineteen Weeks
Nineteen Weeks By Norman Moss

This “gripping account” (The Washington Post) unpacks the critical weeks and fateful decisions that led to the US joining World War II. A fascinating narrative “presented in an eminently readable style” (Publishers Weekly).
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The Imperfect Environmentalist
The Imperfect Environmentalist By Sara Gilbert

Declutter your home and your mind with everyday changes that can make a big impact on your surroundings! From health and fitness to finances, this user-friendly tome is stuffed with helpful information designed to cut out the pollutants plaguing your life.
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Advice and How-To
Daughters of the Silk Road
Daughters of the Silk Road By Debbie Rix

In 15th-century Venice, Maria and her brother find themselves protecting a priceless vase from someone who will stop at nothing to have it. Centuries later, Miranda inherits the vase and unlocks long-buried family secrets… A sweeping tale for fans of Kate Morton!
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Historical Fiction
Shattered Witness
Shattered Witness By Anna DeStefano

Tasked with protecting the woman he’s always loved, undercover agent Cole follows Shaw to her family’s mountain home. Will their scorching attraction survive an encounter with a deadly stalker? With “dark danger and lush romance, Anna DeStefano mysteries deliver!” (USA Today bestselling author Catherine Mann).
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Romantic Suspense
Retaliation By Cat Mason

Roanne Frazier’s life is turned upside down when she unwittingly becomes a part of Jensen Stone’s danger-filled world. He broke her heart once, but years apart have done nothing to quell the heat between them…
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Romantic Suspense
Accidental Abduction
Accidental Abduction By Eve Langlais

From a New York Times bestselling author: When domineering alien Tren abducts earthling Megan, he doesn’t know whether to auction her off — or claim her in ways she never imagined… With nearly 1,400 five-star ratings on Goodreads.
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Paranormal Romance
His Forbidden Touch
His Forbidden Touch By Shelly Thacker

A love story sure to make your heart race! Princess Ciara may never reach her wedding if she can’t resist Royce, the hardened mercenary assigned to protect her. “This fairy-tale romance will sweep you off your feet” (RT Book Reviews).
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Historical Romance
Ruined By Tracy Wolff

A red-hot New York Times bestseller! On the first day of her internship, Chloe has no idea the sexy guy flirting with her is CEO Ethan Frost. But neither one can walk away from their explosive passion… With over 2,500 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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Erotic Romance
Mountain Angel
Mountain Angel By Suzie O’Connell

With over 600 five-star Amazon reviews: Aelissm returns to her small hometown to escape a stalker. Patrick is responsible for keeping her safe — and he may be the best thing that’s ever happened to her. A deeply felt love story set in the breathtaking Montana mountains.
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Contemporary Romance
Girl on Point
Girl on Point By Cheryl Guerriero

Alex’s life is turned upside down by her sister’s murder. When the law fails to deliver justice, Alex takes things into her own hands and goes undercover — but she has no idea what this deadly game could cost her…
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Requiem By Celina Grace

When the body of teenager Elodie Duncan is found in a river, detective sergeant Kate Redman vows to bring her killer to justice. But Elodie had secrets she took to the grave, and the more Kate learns, the longer the list of suspects becomes…
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Crime Fiction