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Exiles in Time
Exiles in Time By Sarah Woodbury
MI-5 agent Callum is handed an assignment he can scarcely believe — one that lands him in the 13th century! Can the modern man fumble his way through medieval manners and find a timeless love?
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Time Travel Romance
Evidence of Love
Evidence of Love By John Bloom and Jim Atkinson
An Edgar Award finalist: Two distinguished journalists chronicle the bizarre crime of passion that rocked a Texas suburb in “a fascinating book — brilliantly organized, thoroughly reported, and sharply written” (Los Angeles Times).
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True Crime
Teddy’s Camp
Teddy’s Camp By Peter Liptak and Pascal
Teddy is about to take his first trip away from home. He’ll find plenty of new friends, crazy counselors, and fun activities at summer camp! Charming illustrations bring Teddy’s adventure to life in this delightful picture book.
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Land By Theresa Shaver
On a class trip to Disneyland, five teens’ lives are altered forever when a massive electromagnetic pulse devastates the nation. To get home, they must trek through hundreds of miles of ravaged country — a journey that will push them to their limits in this gripping apocalyptic read.
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Teen and Young Adult
The Haunting of Blackwood House
The Haunting of Blackwood House By Darcy Coates
From a USA Today bestselling author: Born into a family of spiritualists, Mara is more than ready to leave the supernatural world behind. But when she purchases Blackwood House — despite the ominous warnings — escaping the home’s sinister forces proves more difficult than anticipated…
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Supernatural Suspense
Dystopia: Collected Stories
Dystopia: Collected Stories By Richard Christian Matheson
This dark, psychologically insightful anthology of over 50 haunting stories will hypnotize and chill readers to the core. “Short, sharp shocks abound in this collection… Miniature masterpieces of compression and tension” (Publishers Weekly).
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Haven of Shadows
Haven of Shadows By Ken Lozito
With his friend’s life hanging in the balance, Prince Bayen searches for a cure while evading murderous enemies on his trail. His journey takes him to the hostile old kingdoms — where a great danger that could threaten the entire world awaits…
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Breakers Series: Books 1–3
Breakers Series: Books 1–3 By Edward W. Robertson
Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, these three heart-stopping novels follow Walt, Ness, Tristan, and Raina as they battle a horrifying pandemic and sinister alien invaders — as well as their fellow survivors… With over 600 five-star Amazon reviews.
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Science Fiction
Weeknight Cooking for Two
Weeknight Cooking for Two By Kenzie Swanhart
Searching for a quick and easy way to eat well during the week? This irresistible collection of five-ingredient recipes will have you serving up perfectly portioned, budget-friendly meals ready in 30 minutes or less!
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A Good Man with a Dog
A Good Man with a Dog By Roger Guay with Kate Clark Flora
With his canine companion Reba, game warden and K9 handler Roger Guay has taken on many harrowing missions — from confronting poachers to searching for missing murder victims. This riveting memoir explores his life and adventures in Maine’s north woods.
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Biographies and Memoirs
Hagia Sophia: A History
Hagia Sophia: A History By Richard Winston
Tracing its journey from church to mosque to museum, a New York Times bestselling author tells the extraordinary story of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia in this captivating look at the 1,400-year history of an architectural treasure.
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Malpractice By Dr. Larry Schlachter
Does modern medical culture put patients in danger? Learn about possible risks and how you can avoid becoming a statistic. This eye-opening book “starts a conversation we must have if patient safety is truly our goal” (New York Times bestselling author Marty Makary).
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Advice and How-To
Shadow of a Century
Shadow of a Century By Jean Grainger
Intertwining stories from modern-day America and early 20th-century Dublin, this stunning read delves into one of the most turbulent times in Irish history. After a potentially career-ending decision, journalist Scarlett interviews elderly Irishwoman Eileen — and the meeting changes both of their lives.
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Historical Fiction
Calling Crow
Calling Crow By Paul Clayton
Set in the southeastern region of 16th-century America, this fascinating novel follows a Muskogee tribal chief named Calling Crow as he fights to overcome powerful Spanish conquistadors and free his people.
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Historical Fiction
The Rule Maker
The Rule Maker By Jennifer Blackwood
From a USA Today bestselling author: Ryder treated Zoey to an unforgettable night of pleasure — and then disappeared. When he becomes her new client, can she remain professional and resist his charms? “Witty, sweet, and hot… The perfect read” (New York Times bestselling author Kristen Callihan).
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New Adult Romance
Checkmate: This Is War
Checkmate: This Is War By Kennedy Fox
With over 1,500 five-star ratings on Goodreads: Viola hates Travis, her brother’s best friend and roommate. He’s an arrogant playboy who gets under her skin. But then she breaks, and they have an amazing night together…
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New Adult Romance
Stranded with the SEAL
Stranded with the SEAL By Amy Gamet
Heat flares between Navy SEAL Hawk and amnesiac Olivia when they are stranded in a remote cabin during a blizzard. With an enemy from her unknown past closing in, can Hawk keep them both alive?
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Romantic Suspense
Moonshadow By Thea Harrison
New York Times bestseller! When Sophie, a witch on a quest to uncover her past, crosses paths with Nikolas, a battle-hardened knight, the pair is swept up in a whirlwind of magic and explosive passion. “A stay-up-all-night read... I loved this book” (Patricia Briggs).
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Paranormal Romance
Ashton: Lord of Truth
Ashton: Lord of Truth By Grace Burrowes
From a New York Times bestselling author comes a swoon-worthy romance! Raised as an illegitimate son, Ashton is forced to become an earl — and must enter a marriage to match his new station. But he can’t resist beautiful and troubled landlady Matilda…
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Historical Romance
Gypsy Brothers: Volume One
Gypsy Brothers: Volume One By Lili St. Germain
From a white-hot USA Today bestselling series! Juliette plans her revenge on a twisted motorcycle club leader — but can she endure his attempts to claim her as she yearns for his son, Jase?
$1.99 $8.81 
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Dark Romance & Erotica
Body By Audrey Carlan
From a #1 New York Times bestselling author: Scarred by her past, Gigi finds it difficult to give in to romance. But one touch from billionaire Chase will send her spiraling into a world of breathtaking passion…
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Erotic Romance
Love Runs Deep
Love Runs Deep By Gail Chianese
When Nic boards the submarine USS California, she doesn’t expect to come face-to-face with her one-night stand, Lieutenant Kyle Hutchinson. Now, they’re about to share six months in extremely close quarters!
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Contemporary Romance
Again, Alabama
Again, Alabama By Susan Sands
Cammie returns to Alabama to help her mother — only to find out that her family’s historic house is being restored by Grey Harrison, the man who broke her heart years ago. A tender novel about learning how to forgive and love again.
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Contemporary Romance
Sink or Capture!
Sink or Capture! By Alan Evans
When his daughter goes missing during World War II, Captain David Smith prepares for a battle unlike any other. But soon he will be put to the hardest test of all: loyalty to his country or to his family?
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Action and Adventure
Boca Mournings
Boca Mournings By Steven M. Forman
Retired cop Eddie thought Florida would be the perfect place to settle down. But with enemies to put away and kidnappings to solve, his second life as a PI is proving to be anything but relaxing… “An entertaining mix of comedy and drama” (Booklist) featuring “a character for the ages” (Douglas Preston).
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Old Wounds
Old Wounds By Giacomo Giammatteo
With his life in shambles, detective Gino Cataldi has a chance to make things right by solving the biggest case of his career — a murder that has left body parts scattered across the city.
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Crime Fiction
Death Is a Cabaret
Death Is a Cabaret By Deborah Morgan
For fans of Antiques Roadshow comes the perfect cozy mystery! FBI agent turned antique appraiser Jeff Talbot plunges back into sleuthing when rival collectors start turning up dead. Can he find the killer before he becomes the next victim? “Exceptional” (Publishers Weekly).
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Cozy Mysteries