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Found at the Library
Found at the Library By Christi Snow
When artist Tommy and celebrated author Mac meet at a book sale, both wish they had a second chance to make a first impression. But the uncomfortable encounter soon blooms into a passion neither could see coming in this page-turning romance.
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How to Teach a Slug to Read
How to Teach a Slug to Read By Susan Pearson and David Slonim
In this engaging picture book, a boy creates rules to help Mama Slug teach Little Slug how to read. “Charming and funny… Beyond its cleverness, this is a terrific bookfomercial for reading” (School Library Journal).
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The Breeders
The Breeders By Katie French
The Breeders are hunting Riley, one of the last free girls in a hellish world. Will she be able to trust gunslinger Clay with her freedom… and her life? A gripping dystopian novel with over 700 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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Teen and Young Adult
The Dead Man: V1
The Dead Man: V1 By Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin
Matthew Cahill is killed in an avalanche — but that’s just the beginning. When he comes to in a morgue, it’s clear that evil has a terrible plan for him… and the only way he can be free is by entering a dangerous asylum.
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The Everring Tree Trilogy
The Everring Tree Trilogy By Ronald Long
In this collection of three exciting novels, Ealrin travels across the fantastical land of Irradan in search of a healing tree. Meanwhile, war brews between the elves of the forest and the cities…
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Merkiaari Wars Box Set: Books 1–3
Merkiaari Wars Box Set: Books 1–3 By Mark E Cooper
This sweeping saga kicks off with a decades-long war between humans and aliens that leaves billions dead. Two hundred years later, another race is discovered — are they as deadly as the Merkiaari?
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Science Fiction
All Things New
All Things New By Lynn Austin
In this heartfelt tale of a struggling Southern family, Josephine must help her mother rebuild White Oak and find hope in the midst of ruin. Stunning Christian fiction with nearly 1,200 five-star ratings on Goodreads.
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Christian Fiction
Stars Upside Down
Stars Upside Down By Jennie Goutet
In this true account of hope and redemption, Jennie Goutet travels overseas to find her dream man — but first she must battle her demons. A story of resilience for anyone who believes in faith and the healing power of love.
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Christian Nonfiction
Vietnamese Home Cooking
Vietnamese Home Cooking By Charles Phan
“Completely irresistible” (Alice Waters): Bring the traditional tastes of Vietnam to your kitchen! A three-time James Beard Award winner shares his techniques and brilliant recipes for some of your favorite classic dishes. “Truly magical and illuminating” (James Oseland, former editor-in-chief of Saveur).
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How to Have a Good Day
How to Have a Good Day By Caroline Webb
“Webb’s advice will make a real difference” (Chris Guillebeau, author of The $100 Startup): What if you could radically improve your everyday performance and happiness at work? Learn to harness insights from modern behavioral science with this “smart, thorough, eminently practical book” (Daniel H. Pink).
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Escape From B-Movie Hell
Escape From B-Movie Hell By M T McGuire
After her best friend reveals he’s actually a lobster-shaped alien in disguise, Andi Turbot finds herself stuck on a spaceship and tasked with saving the world in this riotous read!
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Escaping Hitler
Escaping Hitler By Phyllida Scrivens
Follow 14-year-old Günter Stern’s remarkable journey to freedom in this “inspiring” story (Kirkus Reviews) of a survivor’s desperate bid to escape the Holocaust — and the successful life he found in its wake.
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Biographies and Memoirs
Poisoned By Alan Bell
When a former criminal prosecutor became gravely ill, doctors suspected he’d been poisoned by the Mafia — but the real culprits were deadly toxins present in his own office building. “Compelling… a canary-in-the-coal-mine call for more stringent regulation of industrial chemicals” (Booklist).
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General Nonfiction
The Demon Under the Microscope
The Demon Under the Microscope By Thomas Hager
This “well-told tale of trail-blazing science” (Booklist) chronicles the story of antibiotics — from their discovery on great battlefields to their profound effect on modern medicine. “Highly entertaining reading” (Publishers Weekly), with over 1,300 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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Desperate Venture
Desperate Venture By Norman Gelb
In November of 1942, US and British forces launched Operation Torch, the first major Allied offensive of World War II. Learn about the politics, personalities, and strategy that went into the invasion — and what the results meant for mankind. “Engaging and well-researched” (Kirkus Reviews).
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Happy Pretty Messy
Happy Pretty Messy By Natalie Wise
Self-care isn’t just important, it’s crucial to your well-being. This witty, fresh guidebook will help you be brave, handle tragedy, and soothe your inner monologue — allowing you to find balance and joy in the face of life’s hardships.
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Advice and How-To
You Before Me
You Before Me By Lindsay Paige
Feisty Ryan can’t deny her chemistry with handsome cop Gabe. As their relationship heats up, will they find a way to fit into each other’s lives? Opposites attract in this delightful romance!
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New Adult Romance
The Dean’s List
The Dean’s List By Kelly Collins
Broke and desperate, River goes to work for the Dean’s List — a university society that offers alumni whatever they desire. When she meets wealthy Jonathan, two hearts collide in this sizzling read!
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New Adult Romance
The Perfect Liar
The Perfect Liar By Brenda Novak
From a New York Times bestselling author: Ava shouldn’t be falling for Air Force captain Luke, the man her client wants to put behind bars — but there are strange holes in the accusations against him… “A compelling romance as well as a riveting and suspenseful mystery” (Library Journal).
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Romantic Suspense
Lucien’s Fall
Lucien’s Fall By Barbara Samuel
A dazzling historical romance from a seven-time RITA Award–winning author! Lucien, a notorious rake, has found his next target — the lovely, strong-willed Madeline. Can she turn the tables on him, or will he conquer her heart?
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Historical Romance
Highland Fire
Highland Fire By Tanya Anne Crosby
From a USA Today bestselling author comes a captivating read: Highlander Aidan’s enemies offer him marriage to healer Lìleas as a sign of peace. He doesn’t know if he can trust them, but one thing’s certain — he can’t resist her…
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Historical Romance
Hold By Claire Kent
From a USA Today bestselling author: Exiled to a brutal prison planet, Riana offers her body to Cain — the mysterious loner who may be her only chance at survival. With over 1,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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Dark Romance & Erotica
Blue Hollow Falls
Blue Hollow Falls By Donna Kauffman
When Sunny inherits a silk mill in the Virginia mountains, she forges a bond with her young half-sister — and finds a chance at love with war hero Sawyer. “Charming characters, emotion galore” (New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster).
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Contemporary Romance
Ain’t He Precious?
Ain’t He Precious? By Juliette Poe
From a New York Times bestselling author: Eleven years ago, Trixie left the city and her boyfriend, Ryland, for her North Carolina home. But now Ryland’s in town, and the passion between them is as strong as ever…
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Contemporary Romance
Awful Intent
Awful Intent By John D. Brown
Special Forces veteran Frank becomes the only witness to a shocking murder in the Utah desert. Can he survive long enough to bring the killers to justice? A fast-paced thriller you won’t want to put down!
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Before You Leap
Before You Leap By Keith Houghton
A nerve-racking tale with nearly 450 five-star Amazon reviews: Greg has finally found tentative peace after his twin sister’s death a decade earlier. But when her killer is released with a newly proven alibi, his whole life hangs in the balance…
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Signature By Jeff Carson
When chief detective David Wolf responds to a gruesome crime scene featuring a corpse missing an ear, he knows it can only mean one thing: the so-called Van Gogh Killer is back. A gripping investigation ensues in this edge-of-your-seat procedural!
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Crime Fiction
The Party at No.5
The Party at No.5 By Shelley Smith
A classic work of suspense and “study in intimate domestic evil” (The New York Times): The elderly Mrs. Rampage occupies a large house, surrounded by her beautiful possessions. When she agrees to take the seemingly civil Mrs. Roach as a housemate, their clash of personalities escalates to a fever pitch…
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Psychological Thrillers
Let Us Prey
Let Us Prey By Jamie Lee Scott
A fun-filled cozy mystery! While working as a bodyguard for a bestselling writer, private eye Mimi stumbles into a case of homicide — and a detective rivalry with her old college flame…
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Cozy Mysteries