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Mitzi Bytes
Mitzi Bytes By Kerry Clare
Now a wife and mother, Sarah has been spilling the secrets and innermost confessions of her loved ones on an anonymous blog for years. When she receives an email threatening to reveal her identity, can she keep her life from imploding?
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Chick Lit
Dragonbound By Chelsea M. Campbell
When her sister is kidnapped, Virginia St. George, heir to a dragon-slaying dynasty, must face her fears as she strikes an unusual alliance with dragon Amelrik. Will she risk her life to save her kin? An addictive read with adventure and romance!
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Teen and Young Adult
Moonlight Falls on Seven Sisters
Moonlight Falls on Seven Sisters By M.L. Bullock
Historian Carrie Jo uncovers clues about the mysterious long-ago disappearance of a wealthy young heiress. But her investigation might awaken otherworldly threats from the past…
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Supernatural Suspense
Daughter of Destiny
Daughter of Destiny By Nicole Evelina
Desperate for relief from the visions that plague her, Guinevere travels to Avalon — and soon finds herself tangled in a web of magic, passion, and intrigue. A dazzling Arthurian retelling!
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Nuclear Midnight
Nuclear Midnight By Robert Cole
In England, the survivors of a nuclear war struggle to rebuild, only to be challenged by the return of a terrifying enemy. If you’re a fan of The Day After Tomorrow or the Mad Max movies, you’ll love this realistic take on the post-apocalyptic genre.
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Science Fiction
Calling Invisible Women
Calling Invisible Women By Jeanne Ray
“Witty and thought-provoking” (People): When 50-something Clover wakes up one morning to discover that she’s invisible, she sets out to find other women like her. A “humorous, touching story of how Clover reclaims her sense of self” (O, The Oprah Magazine).
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Women's Fiction
Crispens Point
Crispens Point By JoHannah Reardon
Successful romance writer Charlotte escapes city life and finds a new home in a friendly small town. She quickly bonds with her new church community and develops feelings for the local pastor — but will long-buried secrets keep her from finding love? With nearly 300 five-star reviews on Amazon.
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Christian Fiction
Irish Meadows
Irish Meadows By Susan Anne Mason
New York, 1911: Sisters Brianna and Colleen must find suitors in order to save the family farm — but will they be forced to sacrifice their own dreams? “Part historical romance, part family drama, and all about the power of faith and love to move mountains” (Library Journal starred review).
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Christian Fiction
One Pot
One Pot By Editors of Martha Stewart Living
A New York Times bestseller! Looking for easy recipes for amazing home-cooked meals? You’ll thank the editors of Martha Stewart Living for these 120 brilliant recipes you can make in a single pot, pan, or slow cooker.
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Take Command
Take Command By Jake Wood
What lessons can businesspeople take away from elite military operatives and disaster responders? Learn how to succeed in high-pressure situations with this insightful guide. “A must-read for every aspiring leader” (New York Times bestselling author Dave Kerpen).
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The Afterlife Coach
The Afterlife Coach By Susan e. Paul
Claire has the unusual job of guiding the deceased through a sort of afterlife entrance exam. When she finds herself stuck playing host to Napoleon Bonaparte, Janis Joplin, and Count Dracula, she’s in for a world of misadventure in this laugh-out-loud read!
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No Shortcuts to the Top
No Shortcuts to the Top By Ed Viesturs with David Roberts
In this riveting New York Times bestseller, the first American to climb the 14 tallest mountains on Earth tells his “compelling story of dedication, desperation, danger, derring-do, and devotion” (Booklist). With over 2,200 five-star ratings on Goodreads.
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Biographies and Memoirs
Deadly Outbreaks
Deadly Outbreaks By Alexandra M. Levitt
With their ability to evolve and adapt, drug-resistant microbes are one of humanity’s greatest threats. Dr. Alexandra Levitt goes behind the headlines to explain mysterious diseases and the doctors, veterinarians, and researchers who stand on the front lines against them.
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Body Language 101
Body Language 101 By David Lambert
What are the people around you thinking — but not saying? Learn the body language signals that will help you understand human behavior better than ever! “Easily one of the best books on the subject” (School Library Journal starred review).
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Advice and How-To
Nova By Rebecca Yarros
Bad boy Landon left Rachel shattered years ago. Can he persuade her to risk her heart again? “A beautiful second-chance romance” (New York Times bestselling author Gina L. Maxwell).
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New Adult Romance
Random Acts of Trust
Random Acts of Trust By Julia Kent
Bookish Amy has loved Sam since high school. But after she wins a searing kiss from his bandmate, Sam will have to fight for a second chance. A scintillating read from a New York Times bestselling author.
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New Adult Romance
Into the Storm: 2-Book Box Set
Into the Storm: 2-Book Box Set By Margaret Watson
In this pulse-pounding collection, former SEAL Caine and Army vet Connor are reunited with women from their pasts. As they navigate dangerous landscapes, will desire turn into something deeper?
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Romantic Suspense
Saved by Darkness
Saved by Darkness By Katie Reus
From a USA Today bestselling author: Demon-dragon shifter hybrid Ian McCabe has been longing for Fiona O’Riley ever since the day she left. Now she’s back — and he’s determined to stake his claim…
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Paranormal Romance
My True Love Gave to Me
My True Love Gave to Me By Regina Scott
To win over the daughter of a rival family, Alan proposes a wager — if he can give Genevieve all the gifts mentioned in the Twelve Days of Christmas song, then she must become his bride. Celebrate Christmas in July in this festive read!
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Historical Romance
Marrying the Marquess
Marrying the Marquess By G. L. Snodgrass
In this engaging Regency romance, poverty-stricken Catherine is forced to wed the handsome yet tormented Marquess of Penrith. Can their unwanted marriage lead them both to true love?
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Historical Romance
Let Us Dream
Let Us Dream By Alyssa Cole
From the author of An Extraordinary Union comes a “sexy, smart, and incredibly scintillating” romance (The Washington Post). Bertha has worked hard to get where she is, and she doesn’t need to be distracted by gorgeous Amir Chowdhury. Yet the more they clash, the more sparks fly…
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American Historical Romance
The Catching Kind
The Catching Kind By Bria Quinlan
When shy author Hailey ends up in a fake romance with baseball player Connor Ryan, she finds herself standing uncomfortably in the spotlight. But the bad-boy athlete is falling hard for her — could this elaborate ruse blossom into romance?
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Contemporary Romance
The Holiday Brides Collection: Books 1–4
The Holiday Brides Collection: Books 1–4 By Ginny Baird
A New York Times bestselling collection of heartwarming romances filled with holiday spirit! Four women find true love as they experience a little bit of Christmas magic…
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Contemporary Romance
Born Bad
Born Bad By Heather Burnside
A rough childhood in Manchester sent the Robinson siblings spinning in opposite directions. But when clean-cut Adele is thrust into danger, she must rely on her brother — now a career criminal — to save her from past demons.
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Crime Fiction
Pink Slips
Pink Slips By Beth Aldrich
While pregnant, Betsy starts receiving anonymous threats that force her to confront a painful memory from her past. With an ever-narrowing circle of people she can trust, Betsy seeks help from an unlikely source as she attempts to outthink her stalker.
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Psychological Thrillers