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And I Don’t Want to Live This Life
And I Don’t Want to Live This Life By Deborah Spungen

A mother tells the story of her daughter’s tragic life and death. Nancy Spungen was a baby who never stopped screaming, the girlfriend of musician Sid Vicious, and finally a murder victim. “Honest and moving… Her painful tale is engrossing” (The Washington Post).
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True Crime
Gold in the Days of Summer
Gold in the Days of Summer By Susan Pogorzelski

The summer isn’t turning out the way Annie expected. With her friends away and her family preoccupied with her grandmother’s illness, she feels isolated. As she searches for someone to confide in, can she come to terms with the world changing around her?
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Middle Grade
The Queen of Blood
The Queen of Blood By Sarah Beth Durst

“Thrilling — heartrending — enchanting — absolutely unputdownable!” (Tamora Pierce). Daleina, a student who might be the future queen, risks everything to defend her world from evil spirits. “A truly wonderful fantasy novel” (Terry Brooks).
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Teen and Young Adult
A Bright Power Rising
A Bright Power Rising By Noel Coughlan

This epic tale follows noble elf AscendantSun, pure-hearted hero Grael, and murderous villain Garscap as they combat a deadly force that threatens their people’s existence. Their only hope at victory is forming an alliance, but can they overcome their differences for the sake of their future?
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Rage of Angels
Rage of Angels By Michael Tinker Pearce and Linda S Pearce

When an alien force reaches Earth, the human population is decimated in the first day. The few survivors must now band together to fight for what remains of their home.
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Science Fiction
Claude & Camille
Claude & Camille By Stephanie Cowell

“An enthralling story, beautifully told” (The Boston Globe): As a young Monet pursues art, he experiences terrible hardships as well as a great romance with Camille, his beautiful muse. A tragic and breathtaking novel set in the 19th century.
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Literary Fiction
A Life Between Us
A Life Between Us By Louise Walters

Tina has always felt guilty over the death of her twin sister, Meg, during a childhood accident. But when a visit to her aunt and uncle unearths family secrets, she begins to question everything she once took for granted…
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Literary Fiction
The Chili Cookbook
The Chili Cookbook By Robb Walsh

A must-have for all chili lovers! A three-time James Beard Award winner celebrates Americans’ favorite stew with a fascinating look at its history and 60 inventive recipes ranging from Tex-Mex favorites to easy slow cooking.
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A Fifty-Year Silence
A Fifty-Year Silence By Miranda Richmond Mouillot

“Vibrant, earnest, and profound” (Booklist): Miranda Richmond Mouillot crossed the Atlantic to uncover the mysterious history of her grandparents, who escaped Nazi-occupied France only to abruptly separate… “A wonderful evocation of the way that the Holocaust has haunted many generations” (Publishers Weekly).
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Biographies and Memoirs
Emotional Freedom
Emotional Freedom By Judith Orloff

A “superbly written” New York Times bestseller (Publishers Weekly) for anyone looking to manage their negative feelings. A “must-read” (Deepak Chopra) guide on how to take control and achieve inner calm.
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Advice and How-To
Bullet: The Complete Series
Bullet: The Complete Series By Jade C. Jamison

Brimming with swoon-worthy romance, this collection delves into the inner worlds of sexy rock stars as they discover unexpected passion…
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New Adult Romance
Royal By Winter Renshaw

Royal Lockhart was Demi’s brother’s best friend and her first love — until he disappeared without a word. But just as she manages to move on, he returns… A smoldering read with over 1,800 five-star ratings on Goodreads.
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New Adult Romance
Crossed Series Box Set
Crossed Series Box Set By Lacey Silks

A steamy, captivating USA Today bestselling series: Follow the stories of four women as they deal with the difficulties and dangers of life and love. There just may be a man for each of them who will make it all worth it…
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Romantic Suspense
The Fearless Highlander
The Fearless Highlander By Amy Jarecki

A compelling Highland romance: When English Charlotte nurses a Scottish prisoner at Fort William, she knows nothing can come of the feelings growing between them. What she doesn’t know is that Hugh’s the heir to a powerful Highland clan, and he’ll do anything to win her heart!
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Historical Romance
The Bride Gift
The Bride Gift By Sarah Hegger

Helena of Lystanwold is shocked when her uncle announces that she has been married by proxy to rugged warrior Guy of Helston. Hungry for land, Guy is determined to seduce his beautiful bride. But what happens when he finds himself losing his heart?
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Historical Romance
In His Eyes
In His Eyes By Peggy L. Henderson

When her father passes away, Katherine is summoned back to her family’s Montana ranch. There, she comes face-to-face with Trace, her brother’s best friend and the childhood crush she left behind years ago. Will he see her for the beautiful woman she’s become?
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American Historical Romance
Stripped Bare
Stripped Bare By Heidi McLaughlin

Billionaire Finn offers to cover Macey’s debts — but in exchange she must give herself to him completely… “Entertains with blistering physical desire and witty banter” (Publishers Weekly).
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Erotic Romance
Left Hanging
Left Hanging By Cindy Dorminy

Darla Battle is stunned when her daughter’s father, Theo Edwards, returns to town. But all Theo knows is that Darla, with whom he spent one night years ago, is acting cold and distant. How will Darla break the news — and what will it mean for their relationship?
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Contemporary Romance
Beginnings: Six Series Starters
Beginnings: Six Series Starters By Kathryn Shay

Explore a world of romance with this New York Timesbestselling author’s delightful box set! Full of handsome senators, courageous firefighters, and sexy doctors, each book brims with emotion and drama.
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Contemporary Romance
The Jerusalem Creed
The Jerusalem Creed By Ernest Dempsey

An abduction kicks off a chain of events that leads Sean Wyatt to a global conspiracy surrounding an ancient relic. Thousands of lives are at stake — and if Sean fails, it will mean the end of civilization…
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Action and Adventure
Bullet Rain
Bullet Rain By Robert Swartwood

A fast-paced read for fans of Jack Reacher: Free from his job as a government hit man, Nova sets off on a cross-country odyssey. When misfortune strands him in the Nevada desert, he’ll stumble into a tiny town hiding untold dangers. From a USA Today bestselling author!
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Judas Kiss
Judas Kiss By J.T. Ellison

From a New York Times bestselling author! In the wake of a savage murder that left an innocent child motherless, Nashville detective Taylor Jackson faces devastating cover-ups and false accusations in this “impressive and arresting thriller” (Publishers Weekly).
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Loose Ends
Loose Ends By D. D. VanDyke

When ex-cop Cal Corwin is hired to rescue a kidnapped girl, she thinks it’ll be a straightforward mission. But as she follows the trail to a ruthless crime lord and a shady, far-reaching plot, she realizes the assignment is far more complicated — and perilous — than she thought.
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Crime Fiction