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Seen It All and Done the Rest
Seen It All and Done the Rest By Pearl Cleage
Josephine Evans is a celebrated black actress in Europe — until anti-American sentiment forces her to return to the US. As she starts again in Atlanta, Josephine attempts to get her life back with the help of her granddaughter and a host of unexpected friends.
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African American Interest
The Wolf at the End of the World
The Wolf at the End of the World By Douglas Smith
“Richly layered and deeply resonant” (Charles de Lint): Part of an ancient shapeshifting tribe, Gwyn Blaidd’s existence is anything but easy… especially with a huge government target on his back. An “immersive and enjoyable” read (Publishers Weekly) full of unexpected twists!
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Supernatural Suspense
Nightmare House
Nightmare House By Douglas Clegg
From a New York Times bestselling author and “star in horror fiction” (Peter Straub): Upon claiming his inheritance, a man inadvertently unlocks the long-buried secrets of an old mansion — and awakens a nest of restless nightmares…
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St. Patrick’s Gargoyle
St. Patrick’s Gargoyle By Katherine Kurtz
A delightful adventure that “belongs in most fantasy collections” (Library Journal): An ancient knight and a gargoyle guardian must join forces to retrieve artifacts stolen from a hallowed cathedral. But when a sinister demon threatens to enter the world, their quest takes an unexpected turn…
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Dragon’s Egg
Dragon’s Egg By Robert L. Forward
When an intelligent species is discovered on a neutron star, its evolution will transform humanity’s view of the universe… “In science fiction there are only a handful of books that stretch the mind — and this is one of them!” (Arthur C. Clarke).
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Science Fiction
Next Stop, Chancey
Next Stop, Chancey By Kay Dew Shostak
When Carolina opens a B&B in rural Georgia, she finds herself living in a place where her business is everyone’s business — and vice versa! A delightful novel about small-town life full of twists and turns.
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Women's Fiction
The Doctor’s Bond
The Doctor’s Bond By Lee Tobin McClain
When he rolls into town to help his troubled nephews, carefree doctor Boone doesn’t anticipate falling for Abby, the preacher’s daughter. And to complicate matters, she’s been promised to a cookie-cutter minister…
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Christian Fiction
The Top Ten Leadership Commandments
The Top Ten Leadership Commandments By Hans Finzel
Revitalize your leadership skills with a foundation of faith! Using this book, study the perseverance of Moses and learn to exemplify his incredible capability to inspire others.
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Christian Nonfiction
Hearing God’s Voice Today
Hearing God’s Voice Today By James W. Goll
God is always speaking to you — but do you know how to listen? This practical guide will teach you ways to get closer to God, let Him in, and hear His voice.
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Christian Nonfiction
The Low Carb Cookbook & Weight Loss Plan
The Low Carb Cookbook & Weight Loss Plan By Pamela Ellgen
Struggling to achieve lasting weight loss? A low carb, high fat diet could be just the solution you need. This handy cookbook features over 120 delicious ketogenic recipes, along with a 21-day meal plan designed to help shed those extra pounds.
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Slim the Standardbearer
Slim the Standardbearer By Ronald Lewin
This award-winning biography chronicles the extraordinary career of William Slim — one of the finest British military leaders of World War II. Read about how he rose from humble beginnings to the top of his profession in this captivating narrative.
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Biographies and Memoirs
Heart of the Machine
Heart of the Machine By Richard Yonck
Dig into the cutting edge of artificial intelligence research! How will humanity change if computers are able to identify and duplicate human emotions? “A fascinating, and sometimes disturbing, look at a rapidly approaching future” (New York Times bestselling author Martin Ford).
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General Nonfiction
Genius of the People
Genius of the People By Charles L. Mee Jr.
“Well-written, informed, and perceptive” (Library Journal): A renowned historian tackles the 1787 Constitutional Convention with exceptional vitality. “An absorbing look at the incomparable personalities who brought us our Constitution” (New York Times bestselling author Michael Beschloss).
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Remember Everything You Read
Remember Everything You Read By Stanley D. Frank
Learn the secrets to speed reading with this simple guide to a dynamic learning process! These invaluable tips and tricks will help you sharpen your concentration and absorb information quickly and efficiently.
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Advice and How-To
Killer of Kings
Killer of Kings By Matthew Harffy
For fans of Bernard Cornwell: In Anglo-Saxon Britain, Beobrand is a fierce warrior out for vengeance at any cost. But when his king sends him on a dangerous mission, devastating secrets may threaten his chance at victory…
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Historical Fiction
The Last One
The Last One By Tawdra Kandle
Sweet Meghan has had a long year filled with changes — and now she just wants to have some fun. She falls hard for Sam Reynolds, a Southern boy who’s never let himself relax. Can these two opposites find common ground?
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New Adult Romance
SEAL of My Heart
SEAL of My Heart By Sharon Hamilton
From a USA Today bestselling author: Kate Morgan’s life is all planned out — but when she meets Navy SEAL Tyler Gray, she finds her certain future upended by his delicious charms. Will a family secret put Kate in danger and stop their romance before it begins?
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Romantic Suspense
The Realm Enforcers Bundle
The Realm Enforcers Bundle By Rebecca Zanetti
USA Today bestselling series that’s “hot with a capital ‘H’” (RT Book Reviews): As magic and mortal worlds collide, three women will discover sizzling attraction — and unbridled passion!
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Paranormal Romance
Lovers Forever
Lovers Forever By Shirlee Busbee
From a New York Times bestselling author! When Lady Tess Mandeville loses her memory, she’s mistaken for a barmaid and spends a night with the Earl of Shelbourne. But when Tess’s identity is revealed, they both realize their families are locked in a bitter feud. “Busbee is a pleasure to read” (Booklist).
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Historical Romance
Enchant By Demelza Carlton
Can Zuleika break the powerful curse that plagues Prince Vardan and his enchanted island? A USA Today bestselling author offers a dazzling twist on Beauty and the Beast in this riveting romance!
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Historical Romance
Bang By E.K. Blair
From a USA Today bestselling author comes a mesmerizing, red-hot read. Nina survived a horrific childhood… and now she’s out for revenge. With over 4,700 five-star ratings on Goodreads.
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Dark Romance & Erotica
Black Lies
Black Lies By Alessandra Torre
From a New York Times bestselling author: What’s a girl to do when she falls for two gorgeous men — marry the sweet billionaire or run off with the rugged playboy? With over 12,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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Erotic Romance
When the Snow Falls
When the Snow Falls By Collected Authors
Four women find love in these Christmas romances that are sure to delight! A must-have anthology featuring #1 New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels and more.
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Contemporary Romance
Nothing but Blue Skies
Nothing but Blue Skies By Christie Ridgway
From a USA Today bestselling author: Zoe’s satisfied with her life running a bed-and-breakfast alongside her sister. But the arrival of NASA’s golden boy, astronaut Yeager Gates, changes everything. “Ridgway rocks romance!” (Bella Andre).
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Contemporary Romance
Solomon Bull
Solomon Bull By Clayton Lindemuth
A gripping Southwestern adventure! Blackfoot Solomon Bull is training for the notorious endurance event known as the Desert Dog — a race so brutal that competitors have died trying to complete it. But behind the contest lies a dark military conspiracy…
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Action and Adventure
Hostage Taker
Hostage Taker By Stefanie Pintoff
“A high-velocity roller coaster of a thriller” (Jeffery Deaver) with “a main character to die for” (Lee Child). When a hostage crisis breaks out in a city cathedral, FBI agent Eve Rossi faces off against a brilliant madman in a fast and dangerous game of wits.
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The Hanging Tree
The Hanging Tree By Rodney Hobson
Who hung the body of well-liked, middle-aged Duncan Watson from a tree in his own garden — and why? Detective Inspector Paul Amos follows the trail of secrets to a shocking conclusion in this gritty police procedural.
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Crime Fiction
Carrots By Colleen Helme
Shelby just wanted to buy some carrots — she never expected to suffer a gunshot wound that would give her the ability to hear thoughts. Now a killer is out to get her, and her new power may not be enough to save her… With nearly 650 five-star Amazon reviews!
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Cozy Mysteries