Friday, 7 July 2017

#HOTNEWRELEASE: Passion, Vows, & Babies Oh My!!!!

Did you hear the news??
Now AVAILABLE for JUST $1.99
Perfect Strangers - Madison Street
✿✿ Six years ago, I met a mystery.Smooth, sexy, and confident, his arms wrapped around me on that cold winter night. A deep, rugged voice embedded itself in my soul. Dark eyes stared deep into mine, begging me to stay.
Six years ago, I ran and didn’t look back.The memory gives me chills to this day. And as I close my eyes, I imagine him whispering sweet nothings to me. That perfect night together, just one night, is our secret; an unspoken memory two strangers share.
Now, my mystery becomes a reality. One that faces me, head on, and stares with those same dark eyes, speaking with that same deep voice. A mystery I cannot escape, one the shadows won't let me hide from anymore.
Once he finds out my secret, it will shatter his heart.He should have stayed away.
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