Friday, 28 July 2017

Mustang Daddy By Sienna Parks

“What the fuck are you doing here, Annabeth?”
The bar falls silent. You could hear a pin drop. Everyone is staring at me… waiting.
My breath catches. My pulse racing so hard, I can feel it pounding against my skin. Time hasn’t dimmed her effect on me. Annabeth looks even better than she did at eighteen. Her curves are more mature, slender yet voluptuous. I drink in the sight of her, desire burning as fierce as my anger. I can’t stand the silence. Even the band has stopped playing.
“Y’all, go about your business.” I hold her gaze. “There’s nothing worth talking about here.” I turn on my heels and walk back out the door. All I wanted was a quick drink and a game of pool before holing up at the ranch to wait out her visit. I never thought for a minute she’d be here – drunk with my friends. Assholes.
Jax comes barreling out the door behind me, shouting for me to wait up, but I’m so fucking mad right now, I don’t even want to look at him. “Mad! Come on! You can’t go on like this forever.”
“Like hell I can’t! She left, without a word. She didn’t give a crap about me, so why would you expect me to be okay with her when she blows into town to visit her parents? Not once has she tried to reach out to me.”
“Mad, there’s something you need to know.”
“No! I don’t want to hear it, Jax. I can’t believe that you, out of everybody, would welcome her with open arms after what she did. She left all of us behind without so much as a goodbye. You know what that did to me. Why would you do it?”
“I was looking out for you.”
“At the bottom of her tequila shot?” I snap back in anger.
“Mad – she’s back.”
I stop dead in my tracks. My legs paralyzed with rage, confusion… hope. “What the fuck does that mean?”
“She’s back. She’s the new Doc.”
“For how long? A week? A month?”
The voice that haunts my dreams confirms my worst nightmare. “I live here now, Maddox.”
She strides toward me, her heels clip clopping like horseshoes on the sidewalk. She is stunning in the moonlight. So beautiful, it takes my breath away. Her hair glistens, as if sprinkled with stardust. Her eyes are wild, untamed, and ready to fight. I’ve missed her fire – hot enough to set a barn ablaze. Every move she makes, only serves to highlight how she’s changed – matured. She’s not the tomboy anymore, with a figure to match. Her new curves are sexy as hell, and it angers me further. I want to lick every inch of her caramel skin; the memory of her taste, taunting me.
“Will you give us a minute, Jax? I need to talk to him.”
Jax looks to me for approval. “I’ll be fine. This won’t take longer than thirty seconds. Then I’m going home to Sally Rae.” Just the mention of my daughter’s name calms me. 



I thought moving back to Kingsbury Falls would be good for me… until I saw him.

Maddox Hale was my high school sweetheart, and the best friend I ever had.
We shared all the important firsts together, but when faced with making him choose between me and the life he wanted, I made the decision for him. I left without a word, or an explanation.

Now I’m back, and so is he… with his daughter.

A.B. Clark broke my heart and made me swear I would never return to my hometown. I left to become a champion bronc rider. Eleven years later, I moved back, with a wife and a baby on the way. Now I’m a single daddy, running the family ranch. My daughter is the only woman in my life… until A.B. shows up, throwing my world into disarray. I don’t know if trust can ever be earned after it’s been broken, but she makes me want to believe in the possibility.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Dr. A.B. Clark sets out to win back not just the trust, but the heart of her first and only love, single daddy Maddox Hale. With the best intentions, not to break his heart a second time, A.B. is faced with a decision that could risk losing everything she’s ever wanted.

Can Maddox risk not only his, but his daughter’s heart being broken by the one woman that sets his world on fire?

Mustang Daddy is a wild ride of small town, epic romance. An emotional, heartfelt, sexy and sassy love story that will restore your faith in second chances.

A small town, single daddy, second chance romance.



I'm happiest when wandering through the unchartered territory of my imagination. You'll find me curled up with my laptop, browsing the books at the local library, or enjoying the smell of a new book, taking great delight in cracking the spine and writing in the margins!

Sienna is a native Scot, but lives in Texas with her husband, two kids, and a whizzy little fur baby with the most ridiculous ears. She first fell in love with British Literature while majoring in Linguistics, 17th Century Poetry, and Shakespeare at University. She is an avid reader and lifelong notebook hoarder. In 2014 she finally put her extensive collection to good use and started writing her first novel. Sienna recently became a writer at Prism Heart Press, and is currently writing some exciting new projects.

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