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#New: Destined Hearts (A Stolen Melody Duet) by KK Allen

​I swallow and take hesitant steps forward, my heart now beating into my throat. “Lyric, I know you’re in there,” Wolf’s voice booms through the walls.

“Jesus,” I mutter under my breath as I peek through the hole in the door. Wolf stands there with his hands in fists by his sides, fierce eyes, and a recurring twitch of his jaw.

I sigh and send a silent prayer to up above for whatever is about to happen. It looks like distance won’t work. He’s coming for a fight.

With a flick of the lock and a turn of the knob, I’m facing a heated Wolf. My stomach muscles clench at the sight of him, so angry and so damn hot. “You found me.” My voice is low, but confident. I don’t know why he’s here, but I’m glad he is. Whether it’s to argue or make amends. I’ll take either option as long as it means we’re moving forward.

He shakes his head, nose flaring, and then he steps into my room. As the door shuts behind him, he doesn’t make a move right away. Neither of us speaks.

The energy between us is just as intense as it’s ever been. I can feel it compounding around us like dynamite stick before it’s triggered at the base.

He steps forward, his forehead only an inch from mine. I swallow. “Let’s get one thing straight, Lyric,” flicking my name off his tongue like a curse word, all while magically maintaining a hard jaw and his hold on my heart. “Where the band goes, you go. No detours, no private hotel rooms. Not while you’re on my dime. Got it?” He lowers his voice for the last part, the words sending a rush of chills down my spine.

My eyes narrow, knowing exactly where this is going. I roll my shoulders back, raising myself an inch to combat his warning. “I’m not your property, Wolf.”

His nose flares, distracting me from what he does next. I feel a tug as my body is drawn closer to his. My feet shuffle forward to keep up. Looking down, I find his good hand tightly gripping my towel where it’s folded together.

“Really?” he challenges, his voice a whirlwind of husk and desire. There’s a curl of his upper lip at the corner, and I swear the only reason I’m still standing is because he’s got a good grip on my towel. His eyes scan my face, drawing an invisible line down my neck to the space between his hand and my heaving breasts. “Your body says different.”

I whimper as he leans in, his nose skating along my jawline in one smooth stroke. It’s impossible to ignore the dampness between my thighs. It’s painfully obvious just how much I want to be his property right now. How much I need it.

Teeth find my neck and drag down slowly, digging in just above my shoulder. “I think you wanted me to find you,” he murmurs against sensitive skin. I shiver at the truth of his words, and I can feel his lips curl in satisfaction. “But Lyric,” he starts, his voice low, “you have no fucking clue how angry I am right now.”

He licks where he just bit and then presses his mouth into the spot just below my ear. My eyes roll into the back of my head.

“Show me,” I say, trying to keep my voice even but failing miserably. I would sell my soul for this man.

Wolf’s tongue freezes on my skin and he pulls away slightly. “What?”

I let out another breath through my nose and move my head so our eyes connect. My eyes narrow. “Show me how angry you are, Wolf. You think you own me?” I raise my eyebrows. “Then shut the hell up and show me.”

I can see it in his eyes. A switch flips and Wolf’s entire body goes from warning to full-on threat in less than a second.

A rush of adrenaline thrills through me as Wolf uses his grip on my towel to move me against the wall. He’s not trying to be gentle. He’s got something to prove. I feel the impact of my back meeting the wall, but it barely registers compared to the desire that’s raging in Wolf’s eyes.

The hand on my towel loosens, and with a single finger he unknots it, letting it fall to the floor. My nipples are already hard and very much the focus of his attention. He smiles wickedly and bites his bottom lip. “Oh, Lyric. I bet you hate that you can’t control the way your body reacts to me.” He brushes a thumb across one nipple and then he sinks to his knees. He nips the inside of my thighs, and I cry out from the pinch of pain that lights up my core.

When his hand runs up the length of my leg, I’m already shaking. His mouth is so close, but his finger is inside me first, dipping and then reaching my depths in one effortless movement.

Three months with Wolf and he’s gotten to know me pretty well. Not just the way I come for him best, but the things that tug at my heart. It was the little things that made me fall hard and fast for him. It was his attentiveness and his generosity and the way he always ensures those around him are taken care of before him. Even now, when he’s mad as hell, he’s tending to me first when it could have easily been the other way around. That’s how I know this is more than just an angry fuck. This is Wolf telling me that he still cares.

But he’s going to make me pay first.



He stole her lyrics, and then he stole her heart.

Lyric Cassidy is off the tour, lost as to what her next career move will be, and certain that she’ll never love again after Wolf. All because of a social media scandal that left her with no choice but to pack up and face the consequences. When she learns that the fate of her career is in her hands, she has a difficult decision to make. Step back on the tour bus with Wolf and deal with the mess she left behind, or end her contract early and lose her job at Perform Live?

Wolf’s shattered heart finds no resolve in giving Lyric a chance to come back on tour. He can never be with her again. Not after she walked away. Conflicted with wants and needs, he struggles to remember who Wolf was before Lyric. That’s what he needs to become again. Maybe then his heart will be safe. Or maybe there’s no hope for the damaged.

But with stolen dreams, betrayals, and terrifying threats—no one’s heart is safe. Not even the ones that may be destined to be together.


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His heart beats for the music. She's his favorite song.
Lyric Cassidy knows a thing or two about bad boy rock stars with raspy vocals. In fact, her heart was just played by one. So when she takes an assignment as road manager for the world famous rock star, Wolf, she's prepared to take him on, full suit of heart-armor intact.
Wolf is the sexy lead singer for the hottest rock band around with a line-up of guaranteed one night stands. Lyric Cassidy isn't one of them. That's fine with him. Women like Lyric come with fairytale expectations, so it should be easy to stay away. Too bad she's hot as sin with a fiery temper and a mouth that drives him wild.
She's also got something to hide. Something he discovers. Something he wants ...
Sharing a tour bus, neither of them are prepared for the miles of road ahead and the fierce attraction they feel toward one another--a dangerous combination.
Authors Note: Dangerous Hearts has been rewritten from the original Dangerous Hearts, formally published under Mia McAdams. 

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K.K. Allen is the author of Contemporary Fantasy and New Adult Romance stories. She loves manatees, learned to swim for the mere purpose of pretending she was a mermaid, and adores the beach so much she promises to one day live on one (in a tent if she has to) in Hawaii and serve shaved ice on the side of the road. K.K.'s upcoming Contemporary Romance, Under the Bleachers will release on February 28, 2017. Make sure to secure your preorder!And check out what's coming next and all the ways to connect with K.K. below <3
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