Monday, 17 July 2017

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USA TODAY Bestselling Author Abbie St. Claire brings you MINE, a standalone novella from The Diamond Club World. For more information on the Diamond Club, go to
I grew up believing I was invincible and feared no one. Named after my grandfather, Duncan Tate Lockhart II, I found my true calling after discovering my first diamond as a small boy. Not all finds are legal and some of them lethal. All of them exhilarating.
Everything I wanted, I obtained. Every heist I attempted, I succeeded—until the last one. The end of my name said it all… can… Until I met Kate Richards.

I met Duncan at the beach one early spring morning, while trying to add another piece of beautiful sea glass to my collection. Charming, gorgeous and intensely private, he was irresistible. After a whirlwind month with him, I often felt he was out of my league, but that didn’t stop our chemistry. It would take being kidnapped and tied up with a gun to my head to make me choose life—one that didn’t belong to either of us. One that mattered more than the culmination of both of us.
One last heist, one last debt to pay, one new life to live.


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Lindsey Downs grew up in the beautiful Cuyamaca Mountains of California. Her husband’s death had broken her; her life for the past eight years had been void of emotion. Her family and her job as a Park Ranger were the only things that had kept her going, but sometimes that wasn’t enough. The peaceful mountains had recently been tainted with a double homicide that occurred not far from her cabin. Lindsey knew there would be an investigation, but she never thought the handsome DEA agent would ask her to be his guide.
Angel Running Deer was working his last undercover assignment for the DEA. He wouldn't have taken the risks he did if he'd had a family. He had never been in a relationship with a woman, because his code wouldn’t allow it. Now he was ready to settle down and start a family, he just hoped it wouldn’t take ten years to find the right woman.

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I'm a SEAL, an elite warrior and all around badass.
At least, I was.
An injury sent me back home--to the city where I lost everything. Where I lost her: Arie Blanchard, my first love.
It's impossible to forget her luscious curves and the way she moaned my name when I took her virginity. Or the chill in her voice when she told me to get out of her life.
I was an a$$hole then, a player. She said I didn't deserve her, and she was right.
Now I'm an injured vet, a single dad, and Arie is willing to be my nanny.
There are some things that even the SEALs can't prepare you for.
Having Arie in the nursery is making me want her back in my bunk. But my training tells me she's hiding something big. Top secret.
After I went AWOL on our relationship, is there any way she'll give me a second chance? And when I find out her secret, will I want to?

99 Pennies!