Thursday, 27 July 2017

V-Card For Sale – by Ana Sparks and Layla Valentine

”You don’t know me. But you could.

I’m untouched material, unbroken ground. You could be my first.

The only question is, what can you do for me?”


What’s a broke virgin to do?
I missed my chance the first time around,
And since then? Well, life just kind of got in the way.
Now, I need money, and I bet someone will pay top dollar to be my first.

My v-card is for sale.
And it could be yours…for a price.


When I saw the auction, I knew I had to win.
It’s been ten years, and since then I’ve made billions.
But I’ll never forget the night I messed it up with Kristin Blair.
I made the wrong choice, and thought I’d lost her for good.
But now I have a chance to make it right.

I’m gonna be the one to buy her v-card.
I’m gonna make her mine at last.