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Finding My Highlander
Finding My Highlander By Aleigha Siron
When an earthquake sends her crashing into 18th-century Scotland, Andra has no choice but to seek help from a group of rugged Highlanders. As she struggles to return home, will her scorching attraction to sexy laird Kendrick prove to be a delicious distraction?
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Time Travel Romance
The Bette Davis Club
The Bette Davis Club By Jane Lotter
When her niece skips town instead of walking down the aisle, 50-something Margo and the jilted fiancé take off in hot pursuit of the runaway bride. A hilarious cross-country adventure with over 2,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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Chick Lit
Married for the Millions
Married for the Millions By Parker Avrile
Cody is shocked to inherit an enormous, demanding Newfoundland pup — and a $9 million trust, but only if he can provide the pooch a stable home. To keep the fortune, Cody proposes a marriage of convenience with dog trainer Shane… but will the sham turn into something real?
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Harlem Girl Lost
Harlem Girl Lost By Treasure E. Blue
An “against-all-odds fairy tale” (Publishers Weekly) with over 700 five-star Goodreads ratings! Hoping for a better life, Silver reconnects with her old friend Chance — and barely recognizes the powerful but hardened man he’s become. Can the long-lost sweethearts forge a new future together?
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African American Interest
Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella
Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella By Cerrie Burnell
In this whimsical fantasy, all the cats in the city go missing — so Harper enlists her friends and a magic, flying umbrella to find them! “Lively… A winning tale of teamwork and artistry” (School Library Journal).
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Middle Grade
Chaos By Andrea Domanski
Hunted all his life for his supernatural gifts, Orano now protects humanity as a member of the Omega Group. Can he stop an ancient coven intent on dominating humankind — and do it without condemning the woman who stole his heart?
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Supernatural Suspense
The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard
The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard By Robert E. Howard
From an author whose writing “seems so highly charged with energy that it nearly gives off sparks” (Stephen King): Discover the true meaning of horror with this classic collection of bloodcurdling tales. “For stark, living fear… what other author is even in the running?” (H. P. Lovecraft).
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Requiem for Dragons: The Complete Trilogy
Requiem for Dragons: The Complete Trilogy By Daniel Arenson
An epic and enthralling trilogy from a USA Todaybestselling author! Requiem, the dragons’ lost haven, has been all but forgotten. But a few would do anything to see their kingdom returned to its former glory…
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No Honor in Death
No Honor in Death By Eric Thomson
After a disastrous expedition, space captain Siobhan takes command of the most troubled starship in the fleet — and plunges into the battle of her life… A gripping must-read for fans of military science fiction!
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Science Fiction
Seven Days of Friday
Seven Days of Friday By Alex A. King
Vivi’s life is falling apart — her marriage, her relationship with her daughter, and her sanity are slipping away. She escapes to Greece, her parents’ homeland, where she clashes with relatives and opens herself to love in this charming novel.
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Women's Fiction
Walk You There
Walk You There By Jan Thompson
When her historic Savannah neighborhood is threatened by successful developer Ryan, travel agent Tamsyn is determined to put up a fight. But she’s not planning on falling for her new rival… A charming Christian romance!
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Christian Fiction
The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread: Expanded Edition
The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread: Expanded Edition By Dr. Richard Booker
Throughout the Old and New Testaments, a miraculous thread — Jesus’s blood covenant with God, made for all people — weaves the Bible into a single story. This expanded version of a beloved text will connect you with Scripture as a true participant.
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Christian Nonfiction
Brick by Brick
Brick by Brick By David C. Robertson with Bill Breen
“For companies pondering how to remain innovative in a fast-changing world” (Financial Times): In this illuminating book, you’ll mine the lessons from LEGO’s smart business transformations so you too can foster profitable change.
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Stephen Colbert: Beyond Truthiness
Stephen Colbert: Beyond Truthiness By Bruce Watson
New York Times bestselling author presents a lively biography of Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show and former host of The Colbert Report. See how he overcame childhood tragedy to become one of funniest cultural critics in the US!
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Biographies and Memoirs
Toms River
Toms River By Dan Fagin
A Pulitzer Prize–winning masterpiece: In 2001, the town of Toms River made national news with a string of childhood cancers linked to pollution. This gripping account uncovers the history of toxic dumping — and shares stories of the affected families. “Absorbing and thoughtful” (USA Today).
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General Nonfiction
The Kennedy Brothers
The Kennedy Brothers By Richard D. Mahoney
This New York Times bestseller is “a haunting evocation” (Kirkus Reviews) of the complex relationship between John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert, from their ruthless political dealings to their tragic final days. A “vivid” portrait (Publishers Weekly) filled with startling historical insight.
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Roman By Sawyer Bennett
With over 1,100 five-star ratings on Goodreads: Free-spirited Lexi falls for a womanizing hockey star, but can she tame this troublemaker and find true love? A steamy read from a New York Times bestselling author.
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New Adult Romance
Rush By Megan Matthews
Life is finally going right for Aspen, and she has no room for romance. But when she meets her sexy new neighbor, Finn, she can’t help but explore their connection…
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New Adult Romance
Christmas in Cancun
Christmas in Cancun By KaLyn Cooper
Navy SEAL vet Jack teams up with his brother’s widow, Jillian, to complete his family’s quest for long-lost Mayan relics in the Caribbean. As their hunt for ancient treasure steers them straight into danger, an undeniable chemistry sparks between them…
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Romantic Suspense
Creatus Box Set
Creatus Box Set By Carmen DeSousa
Derrick and his powerful brethren live among humans in secret. With his predestined future, everything goes as expected — until he falls in love with a human woman. Now Derrick must choose between his people and his heart in this swoon-worthy complete series.
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Paranormal Romance
The Beast of Aros Castle
The Beast of Aros Castle By Heather McCollum
When her safety is threatened, Ava flees to Scotland and poses as an English noblewoman. A marriage to rugged chief Tor could save her life — but can he forgive her deception?
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Historical Romance
The Seduction of Madalyn
The Seduction of Madalyn By Cynthia A. Clement
Madalyn stows away on a ship to America in order to find her kidnapped brother, but when she is discovered, she’s auctioned off to Nathan and made his wife. As Nathan joins Madalyn’s search, they can’t deny the feelings growing between them…
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Historical Romance
Something Sparked
Something Sparked By Mari Carr
From a New York Times bestselling author: When beautiful Jeannette ignites the interest of firemen Luc and Diego, the three discover passion like they’ve never known before.
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Erotic Romance
Sway By Adriana Locke
Barrett is the most powerful man in Savannah. Alison is a single mom working two jobs and attending journalism school. But when they meet at a party — where Alison’s a server and Barrett’s the main draw — sparks fly… With over 1,800 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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Contemporary Romance
You Make Me Weak
You Make Me Weak By Juliana Stone
From a USA Today bestselling author! When FBI agent Hudson runs into his high school flame, Rebecca, their old chemistry can’t be quenched. But this time, will their blazing passion lead to a happy ending?
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Contemporary Romance
King’s Ransom
King’s Ransom By Bradley Wright
Special ops legend Xander King is finally out of the game — or so he thinks. On the first day of his retirement, a shocking ransom note sends him hurtling back into the brutal world he left to save the woman he loves.
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Action and Adventure
Fall Guys
Fall Guys By Ian Andrew
Called to investigate a threat to British national security, combat veteran and private eye Kara is forced to work a case her partner won’t touch — and is soon navigating a dangerous world of political intrigue and undercover arms deals.
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In Sheep’s Clothing
In Sheep’s Clothing By David Archer
From a USA Today bestselling author: Team Camelot — a top secret outfit of assassins — heads home after an arduous mission. When a surprise attack targets their home base, the members rush headlong into a perilous quest to track down the enemy.
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Corner Blitz
Corner Blitz By David Chill
Burnside is hired to recover the governor’s daughter, who vanished in the middle of election season. His client wants him to keep the incident hushed up — but as the case evolves into a complex murder mystery, discretion might not be an option…
$1.99 $6.29 
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Crime Fiction
Blue Baby
Blue Baby By Carolyn Arnold
A serial killer’s grisly pattern — murdered women, dressed in wedding gowns, their ring fingers severed — draws agent Brandon Fisher and his investigative team into a twisted and bloody case.
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Crime Fiction
Better Off Wed
Better Off Wed By Laura Durham
An Agatha Award–winning mystery! Wedding planner Annabelle Archer is an expert at solving problems. But when a bride’s unpleasant mother is murdered, she’s in over her head… After suspicion falls on her best friend, can Annabelle unmask the real killer?
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Cozy Mysteries
Murder on the Orient Express
Murder on the Orient Express By Agatha Christie
From “the undoubted queen of her profession” (The Times) comes a classic whodunit with over 66,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads! When a shocking murder occurs on an elegant train, detective Hercule Poirot must find the killer on board…
$1.99 $9.99 
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