Thursday, 3 August 2017


Reid McAllister has lost everything.

After leaving his high school sweetheart, Aria, to go to the Army, he promised that they would still be together. But once Reid is turned into a bear shifter he decides to push Aria away, believing that is what is best for her.

Aria Smith has tried her best to get over Reid. After years of bad dates, she decides to spend her summer vacation at Bear Ridge Resort and to once and for all get Reid out of her thoughts.

When Reid and Aria run into each other at Bear Ridge Resort, all of their old emotions for one another come flooding back. Will Aria accept Reid now that she knows what truly happened to him? Or will Reid be the one that ruins their second chance at happily ever after? 
I’ll be a good prince if she’ll be my filthy princess.
Hazel’s stuck in my country. Only I can get her home.
But I have a bad reputation, and I need to change my ways.
So we make a deal. She can go home, but first I get a baby.
Then I’ll let her leave. But not before I get a taste.
It was never supposed to be real. Like they say, never say never…

The last thing I wanted was to get serious, hence the need for a sub I could also use as my fake wife.
From the moment I laid eyes on her, the attraction was instantaneous. I should’ve known that could only mean trouble.

Her body succumbed to mine so easily. The rapture of taking her to heights she’d never known, exhilarating.
Could real love come out of a fake relationship?

Lies beget more lies. Guilt, pain, and regrets go hand in hand with lies. They would surely be the death of the love we stumbled upon.
In the end, there were choices. None of them would come without consequences. None of them would be painless.

Could I let her go to save her from the pain and scrutiny of what I’d made her do?
Would she ever be able to forgive me if I did?