Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Two damaged souls. One chance for salvation.
I'm surrounded by darkness.
The scars marring my flesh are a reminder of the hell I've survived.
I've learned. Grown. Built walls to protect myself, refusing to allow anyone to see the real me.
But then came Anthony.
He makes me want again... makes me feel again.
He swears he wants a future with me but I know better.
His infatuation with me? It won't last.
He'll run the moment he sees how damaged, how broken, how tainted I am.
Falling for him would be a mistake.
The sweetest mistake I could ever make.
I've lived in the darkness for far too long.
I've seen the true depths of human nature. I fight against it every day.
Some might call me jaded - they don't have a clue.
But then came Shelby.
In an instant, she became the light in my world. She's my hope, my life, my purpose.
She's terrified of something - or someone - from her past.
She shouldn't be. I'll die before I let someone hurt her or her son.
I'll do anything for them.
Anything, except leave.
No matter how hard she tries to push me away.
Every Breath You Take is a standalone, 123k word novel.
Warning: Book contains dark themes that may be disturbing for some readers.


They call me Golden Boy.
And I went to prison for a crime I didn’t commit.
Out now, I’m a million plus richer for the screw up,
With a sweet tattoo joint and my club, The Reckless Bastards watching my back.
But when Teddy calls and tells me she wants ink to cover up her pain,
My whole world is turned upside down.
She’s Trouble with a capital T.
And way too close to home.
She’s too good. Especially for a dog like me.
Then I find out she has a stalker.
I’ll f*ck up anyone who tries to harm her.
Because she may not know it yet, but she’s all mine.
99 Pennies!
On the rugged, wild, eastern shore of Barbados, Cindy and Clint are enjoying their dream honeymoon, when paradise quickly turns into hell. Cindy finds her newly beloved taken away from her, drowned in a freak accident in the ocean. The local police are quick to declare it an accident, to insist that he was caught in a sudden riptide. But Cindy, left all alone, is not convinced.
Cindy must return to her and Clint’s now-empty home in New York and face her in-laws, who never wanted Clint to marry her, and who did everything to make her engagement and wedding hell. She must deal with all of these women’s backbiting, gossiping and unspoken accusations, while she tries to get a handle on her own grief and to get clear on what really happened to Clint.
Cindy is mailed an anonymous photo of a woman she had never met, addressed to Clint. As she tries to unravel the mysterious package, as she begins to dig deeper into Clint’s emails and files, she realizes how many secrets Clint had been hiding from his past. She realizes that she didn’t really know the man she loved. And she also realizes that Clint was murdered.
She digs deeper, into the depths of Clint’s massive corporation, DGB oil, and as she starts to unearth information she shouldn’t, she goes too far. Soon her own life is in peril. On the run, she realizes that the only way to get answers, and to save her own life, is to return to where it all began: Barbados. As she heads into the dark underside of the island, into the heart of the local villages, she is shocked to discover what really happened to her husband on their honeymoon.
But by then, it may already be too late.