Friday, 4 May 2018

First Time Sale... 99 cents!

First Time Sale... 99 cents! 
I have a first time sale that is only good for this weekend along with 14 teasers below from Slater and Harley in Ridin' Dirty! Make sure you get this quick before the price goes back up! I hope you have an AMAZING weekend! <3 Hil
Teaser #1
“Jesus. You’re going to be like a lost puppy around me, aren’t you?”
“Nah. Just imagine I’m after that ass of yours and can’t keep my eyes off of it.”
Teaser #2
I light up a cigarette and drop the tailgate of her truck… giving myself a place to rest for the night. I could go in and cause a commotion to find out which room she’s in, but that’s only going to draw attention to us. That’s the last thing we need.
She’s going to learn to trust me real soon… or I’m going to handcuff her feisty ass to me and give her no choice but to do what I say. ~Slater
Teaser #3
He starts taking his clothes off the second he stands up. He leaves a trail of dirty laundry and I try so hard to avert my eyes from watching his naked ass walk into the bathroom and disappear behind the door, but I fail miserably. Movement in the mirror pulls my attention and I’m instantly mortified as I watch his smirking face watch me in the reflection.
His eyebrows shift upward before he steps into the shower… leaving the door wide open just to torture me even further. What happened to me being focused and not allowing any distractions to interfere with me escaping my old life? Instead, I’ve allowed some stranger to take up space in my truck… in my room… and now in my damn head. ~Harley
Teaser #4
“What happened to all that sass?” I hold her chin and guide her lips around to mine. She allows me to kiss her for a few seconds before she responds.
“What happened to all that talk about how great you are?” There it is. She’s all but challenging me to fuck her senseless and I’m in no position to deny her tonight. I’m clearly only thinking with my dick right now, so I don’t hesitate to move this along. ~Slater
Teaser #5
So much for having no distractions on this trip. Slater has become one giant contradiction to everything I ever told myself I’d do to get out of there. I lose all train of thought when he thrusts into me, sending my back against the shower wall once again. He’s not about to be ignored while I start second guessing things.  ~Harley
Teaser #6
He rolls over forcing me to be on top. My hair in his grip as he pulls me down until I’m face to face with him. “Nice distraction to keep me from being near your money, but if I wanted it, I’d already have it.” ~Harley
Teaser #7
“Fuckkkk.” I’m going to grip her throat and fuck the life out of her when I find her. She’d better hope I’m the first one to get to her. ~Slater
Teaser #8
He’s stomping around the front of the truck with a determined look on his face and all I want to do is lock the door and drive away. In fact, the only thing keeping me from doing all of that is because this is his grandfather’s truck and there’s no way I can repay him for what he just did for me... not to mention… he has the keys in his hand. Stealing this truck isn’t an option.
Slater slings the door open and holds his hand out for me as if he’s turned into some sort of gentleman all of a sudden… but the look in his eyes tells me the opposite.
“Get the fuck out of the truck Harley.”
“Why do we have to do this? We need to keep moving.” I hold my position and refuse to move from where I’m seated. A game of stubbornness is something I’ll challenge anyone to.
“I want to talk to you with nothing else as a distraction.”
“Then keep the truck moving down the road so we aren’t worried someone will catch us.” He reaches over my waist and removes the seatbelt before he strong arms me so that he’s carrying me over his shoulder with my arms and feet hitting him every chance I get. “Put me down.”
“Keep screaming. Let everyone within miles know where to come find you.” His warning silences me from my deafening attempts to make him put me down, but I don’t stop beating him even when he sets me flat on my own two feet. “Hit me one more time and I’m going to hold your fucking hands together above your head and have this conversation with you.”
“You can’t just physically move me when I’m not doing what you think I should be doing.”
“I just fucking did.” ~Harley
Teaser #9
“It’s best if we just go our separate ways now.” He moves toward me, slowly walking until he’s pinning my back against the old rusted barn behind me. He presses his body against mine before he slides both of his hands right above my head, the muscles in his arms flexing as he moves.
He lowers his face until it’s almost lined up with mine. His height making him have to slightly bend at the knees to make it a reality. “That’s not fucking happening. So, get that shit out of your pretty little head right now.” His voice is low, deep with a seriousness that leaves no room for discussion. ~Harley
Teaser #10
It’s the way he breathes. It’s the way he smells… the way he looks at me when we’re this close. And it’s the way he reaches straight through me, practically yanking out my heart with a simple smirk. He’s too much and if I let him, he’s going to suffocate me. I’ll drown in the feelings he stirs up with every passing glance. ~Harley
Teaser #11
They say you’ll feel a deep connection when you find the person you’re meant for. When his cock hits me so deep that it causes me to gasp… I wonder if this is the depths they’re talking about. Or is it the gravity of the pull in his eyes as he stares so deep into mine that I swear he’s ripping apart everything I know, exploding the pieces of myself I swore to keep protected from any man. ~Harley
Teaser #12
Falling for her isn’t an option… because it means I can’t retire from this fucked up life. Fuck her and deliver her. It’s what you have to do. It’s how you’re wired. It’s the life you live and the only way to make it out of this situation alive. ~Slater

Teaser #13
I palm both sides of her face and lean my forehead on hers and without saying a word I just breathe with her. Our eyes are locked until she closes hers and that’s when I decide to kiss her again. She may pretend to be tough and independent… but the truth is she’s vulnerable and she needs me. ~Slater
Teaser #14
Killing people isn’t something I love to do… but I’m not beneath it in the slightest when I know they deserve to meet their maker. ~Slater


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