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Off Base
Off Base By Annabeth Albert
Navy SEAL Zack Nelson is in denial — and his flirty new roommate makes him feel things he’s desperate to hide. Can Zack be coaxed out of the closet? “Emotional and sexy” (RT Book Reviews), with over 800 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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ZigZag By Nicholas Booth
In the eyes of the Nazis, Eddie Chapman was a trusted asset — but he was secretly working for the Allied forces. Delve into the riveting story of a cunning and successful double agent. “This cinematic tale of World War II espionage is a one-man spy-versus-spy thriller” (Kirkus Reviews).
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True Crime
Make No Bones About It
Make No Bones About It By Ann Charles
When archaeologist Angélica returns to the Mayan dig site where her mother died, she uncovers a mysterious ancient curse… Is she doomed to repeat history?
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Supernatural Suspense
The Girl at the End of the World
The Girl at the End of the World By Richard Levesque
Scarlett Fisher leads an ordinary life until the day a deadly plague breaks out. As she struggles to stay alive, she hopes to find other survivors — but not everyone is looking for friendship…
$1.99 $5.03 
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Science Fiction
The Republic of Wine
The Republic of Wine By Mo Yan
From a Nobel Prize–winning author comes a novel that is “both clever and deeply emotional” (The New York Times Book Review). Investigator Ding Gou’er sets out to uncover the troubling rumors coming from a surreal city in this unique and magical tale.
$1.99 $15.99 
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Literary Fiction
When Angels Cry
When Angels Cry By Jennifer Edwards
Romance author Sarah’s writing is a hit, but her own love life is a different story. Can she overcome painful ghosts from her past while embracing a new path forward?
$1.99 $12.99 
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Literary Fiction
Deadly Countdown
Deadly Countdown By Margaret Daley
Great for fans of Dee Henderson: Widow Allie is being stalked, and police officer Remy makes it his mission to catch the culprit. As the danger rises, their feelings for one another deepen in this faith-filled, suspenseful romance!
$1.32 $4.99 
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Christian Fiction
The Seasons of God
The Seasons of God By Richard Blackaby
Throughout life, everyone has periods of joy and periods of hardship. With this insightful book from a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, you can understand God’s will and learn how to make the most of your experiences.
$1.99 $12.99 
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Christian Nonfiction
When God Goes to Starbucks
When God Goes to Starbucks By Paul Copan
Do you ever struggle to explain your faith to those who don’t agree? This eye-opening read offers insight and guidance on how to handle these important conversations with friends and family.
$2.99 $9.99 
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Christian Nonfiction
The Hormone Balance Cookbook
The Hormone Balance Cookbook By Mia Lundin and Ulrika Davidsson
Ease the pain of hormonal imbalance by changing your diet! Featuring anti-inflammatory recipes, nutritional guidelines, and illuminating scientific information, this practical cookbook shows how you can strive for wellness.
$1.99 $14.99 
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Faraday, Maxwell, and the Electromagnetic Field
Faraday, Maxwell, and the Electromagnetic Field By Nancy Forbes and Basil Mahon
Follow two of the 19th century’s great minds as they discover electromagnetism — and spark the birth of modern physics. This captivating book “blends science history and lively biography… An interesting look at two scientists whose work defined an era” (Publishers Weekly).
$2.99 $14.99 
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D-Days in the Pacific with the U.S. Coast Guard
D-Days in the Pacific with the U.S. Coast Guard By Ken Wiley
A Coast Guard veteran recounts the time he spent serving on an attack transport in the Pacific Ocean after the tragedy at Pearl Harbor — and highlights the important role that American sailors played during World War II. An illuminating historical account.
$0.99 $5.83 
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The Low Countries: A History
The Low Countries: A History By Anthony Bailey
From a New York Times bestselling author: Throughout the centuries, the Low Countries have witnessed dramatic events with global impact. Here are the fascinating stories of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg — from their ancient origins to the dark days of World War II.
$1.99 $18.88 
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The Gunrunners
The Gunrunners By Peter Vollmer
In 1904, a German officer travels to colonial Africa on an undercover mission to bring down an arms-smuggling ring. But as his journey takes him into a new world, his hardest task is just to stay alive…
$0.99 $3.99 
Historical Fiction
Wild Card
Wild Card By Ava Ashley
To fix his image, bad boy Rafe agrees to be the bachelor on a dating show. But then Lily, his former best friend who broke his heart, shows up as one of the contestants…
$0.99 $4.99 
New Adult Romance
In the Darkness
In the Darkness By K.M. Scott and Anina Collins
When wealthy Persephone is captured by terrorists, her father sends hired gun Nick to rescue her. Nick will have to go undercover, risking his life — but after encountering Persephone, he knows he’ll do anything to protect her…
$0.99 $6.99 
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Romantic Suspense
A Rose at Midnight
A Rose at Midnight By Anne Stuart
Ghislaine wants revenge on Nicholas — but after the handsome, dark-hearted man kidnaps her, Ghislaine finds herself falling for her captor. A must-read historical romance from a New York Times bestselling author!
$1.03 $5.03 
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Historical Romance
Whispers in the Dark
Whispers in the Dark By LeTeisha Newton
Imprisoned in an abandoned farmhouse, Alana falls for Jacob, her captor’s tormented son. But when she escapes, Jacob will do anything to possess her. “When LeTeisha Newton writes dark, she goes dark… Five haunting stars” (New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig).
$1.28 $5.03 
Dark Romance & Erotica
Tempted By Maya Banks
From a #1 New York Times bestselling author: Ashley is shocked when she learns that wealthy Devon only wanted to marry her to secure a business merger. Can Devon convince Ashley his love is real… especially since she’s pregnant with his child?
$1.99 $8.81 
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Erotic Romance
Hiding in Park City
Hiding in Park City By RaeAnne Thayne
From a New York Times bestselling author: Single mom Lisa Connors will do anything to protect her little girls, even hide her identity and move to a new town. She takes a job helping the handsome man next door — but her secret might be threatened when he turns out to be an FBI agent!
$1.99 $7.55 
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Contemporary Romance
The Adventurist
The Adventurist By Robert Young Pelton
New York Times bestselling author relates stories of his adventure-filled life — from surviving a plane crash to facing terrorist threats. “Most enjoyable… Highly recommended” (Library Journal).
$1.99 $21.99 
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Action and Adventure
Final Justice
Final Justice By M.A. Comley
This pulse-pounding thriller follows former detective Lorne Simpkins, who must chase down an old nemesis after becoming embroiled in a covert MI6 operation. An action-packed novel you won’t want to miss!
$1.36 $5.03 
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Ditched 4 Murder
Ditched 4 Murder By J.C. Eaton
Single mom Sophie “Phee” Kimball is newly relocated to Arizona and working for a private detective. But when a corpse imposes on her elderly aunt’s wedding, Phee ends up in a world of trouble!
$1.99 $6.99 
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Cozy Mysteries
The MacLomain Series: Later Years Boxed Set
The MacLomain Series: Later Years Boxed Set By Sky Purington
A magical Claddagh ring propels four modern women into whirlwind romances with rugged warriors from the distant past. Escape to the Highlands with these captivating tales of love and time travel!
Free! $8.81 
Time Travel Romance
Batter Up
Batter Up By Robyn Neeley
Bakery owner Emma can conjure the name of any man’s soulmate in her cake batter. But when word spreads about her powers, reporter Jason sets out to expose Emma as a fraud… A sweet, funny read with a touch of magic!
Free! $3.99 
Chick Lit
Travel Glasses
Travel Glasses By Chess Desalls
In this riveting fantasy, Calla meets a handsome stranger with a pair of time-traveling sunglasses — and embarks on a thrilling race across dimensions!
Free! $3.76 
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Teen and Young Adult
Born of Water
Born of Water By Autumn M. Birt
Teenage Ria is doomed to die because of her magical powers — but can water priestess Niri help her defeat the creature called the Curse? Join them on their epic quest in an original work of fantasy!
Free! $1.25 
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Found in Us
Found in Us By Layla Hagen
From a USA Today bestselling author! In this delightfully sexy love story, hardworking Jessica struggles to resist her attraction to Parker, a charming British businessman…
Free! $5.03 
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New Adult Romance
Scandal’s Splendor
Scandal’s Splendor By Collette Cameron
Lady Seonaid is sick of having the second sight, so she hatches a plan to rid herself of it. Instead, she ends up stranded at an inn alongside a nobleman who once mistook her for a courtesan — and worse, she’s in danger of losing her heart to him!
Free! $5.03 
Historical Romance
Sinful Seduction
Sinful Seduction By Ann Christopher
When billionaire Alessandro receives a visit from his late brother’s ex-fiancée, their scorching connection ignites a forbidden love… From an author whose “gift with words will leave you captivated and breathless” (New York Timesbestselling author Brenda Jackson).
Free! $4.99 
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Contemporary Romance
Blood Sister
Blood Sister By Kenna McKinnon
Annie Hansen, a young private eye living with schizophrenia, investigates the murders of the mayor and town doctor… with her own boyfriend as a suspect. A unique whodunit set in a Canadian island village.
Free! $3.99 
Crime Fiction

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