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The Longest River
The Longest River By Hildred Billings
After the death of her twin sister, Helen moves to a secluded mountain village to find her independence and heal. There she meets widowed bookstore owner Kiyoko — an introduction that feels like fate…
$1.99 $3.85
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Evil By Colin Wilson and Damon Wilson
A pair of expert criminologists deliver this fascinating — and terrifying — account of evil through the centuries. Follow more than 60 real-life cases of murder and mystery collected in one chilling volume.
$1.99 $22.99
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True Crime
Marked by Hell
Marked by Hell By Erin Bedford
Paranormal PI Mary prowls the streets of Los Angeles, exorcising demons while searching for a way home to heaven. Will she take revenge on the evil spirits who stole her wings — even if it means losing her closest friend?
$0.99 $5.03
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Supernatural Suspense
Ghostspeaker Chronicles: Books 1–3
Ghostspeaker Chronicles: Books 1–3 By Patty Jansen
Johanna Brouwer is just a merchant’s daughter — until the Fire Wizard throws her world into chaos! With a possessed best friend and a mad prince in tow, Johanna will do anything she can to survive in these three dazzling royal fantasies.
$0.99 $8.81
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Pale Blue
Pale Blue By Mike Jenne
Two Air Force majors face harrowing missions in space and tough decisions on Earth in this “dramatic” story (Publishers Weekly) of life, death, and the choices that can define us — or destroy us.
$1.99 $31.19
Science Fiction
The Secret Affair
The Secret Affair By Gill Paul
In 1960s Rome, historian Diana becomes entangled in a web of passion, romance, and mystery on the set of Elizabeth Taylor’s legendary film Cleopatra. “You won’t want it to end” (New York Times bestselling author Kate Kerrigan).
$1.99 $16.99
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Women's Fiction
The Jerky Bible
The Jerky Bible By Kate Fiduccia
A comprehensive step-by-step guide to making homemade jerky! Learn how to turn various meats into scrumptious, portable treats, using more than 40 inventive marinades.
$1.99 $18.39
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Rule #1
Rule #1 By Phil Town
A #1 New York Times bestseller! Learn how to make successful investments by following one simple, sturdy rule for playing the stock market. “Will leave readers feeling empowered and ready to manage their money themselves” (Publishers Weekly starred review).
$1.99 $15.99
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My Year as a Clown
My Year as a Clown By Robert Steven Williams
Middle-aged and suddenly single, Chuck Morgan embarks on an awkward, hilarious odyssey of self-discovery. “Terrific” (Pulitzer Prize–winning author Suzan-Lori Parks).
$0.99 $4.99
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The Plot to Seize the White House
The Plot to Seize the White House By Jules Archer
“Fascinating” (Time): In 1933, a plot was hatched to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt. Discover the compelling details of a conspiracy to attack the US government.
$1.99 $9.99
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Spanish Made Simple
Spanish Made Simple By Eugene Jackson, Antonio Rubio, and Judith Némethy
This comprehensive guide offers the tools needed by students, travelers, and professionals to master Spanish with ease! Complete with pronunciation charts, reading exercises, common idioms, and more.
$1.99 $13.99
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Advice and How-To
Drive By Kate Stewart
With over 4,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads: Budding music journalist Stella is captivated by Reid, who makes her heart skip a beat. But the path to love isn’t always easy…
$1.30 $5.03
New Adult Romance
Back on Bittercreek Ranch
Back on Bittercreek Ranch By RaeAnne Thayne
When former FBI agent Mason finds a woman who can’t remember who she is, he is strangely drawn to her. But as Jane’s memories return, so does the danger… An edge-of-your-seat romantic thriller from a New York Times bestselling author!
$1.99 $5.99
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Romantic Suspense
Stone Guardian
Stone Guardian By Danielle Monsch
A spellbinding romance with over 800 five-star Goodreads ratings: Larissa lives in a human-only city, far from wizards, gryphons, and other magical beings — until she’s targeted by necromancers! Can gargoyle leader Terak protect her?
$0.99 $6.29
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Paranormal Romance
The Bachelor List
The Bachelor List By Jane Feather
From a New York Times bestselling author: Constance helps run a matchmaking service, but she has no dreams of being matched herself — especially not to Max, a man as handsome as he is old-fashioned. Unfortunately, their duels keep dissolving into kisses…
$1.99 $7.55
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Historical Romance
Dirty By Gina Watson
Prepare to be seduced as opposites attract in this scorching romance! Wealthy Courtney discovers an unexpected sexual chemistry with Sawyer, the gorgeous construction worker next door…
$1.07 $5.03
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Erotic Romance
Falling for Love
Falling for Love By Marie Force
With over 3,600 five-star Goodreads ratings: When Grant McCarthy returns to Gansett Island for his sister’s wedding, he means to focus on winning back his ex-girlfriend — so why can’t he stop thinking about Stephanie, who runs his family’s restaurant? A steamy romance from a New York Times bestselling author.
$0.99 $5.03
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Contemporary Romance
Hysteria By Elisabeth de Mariaffi
During an idyllic summer at their lakeside home, Heike’s young son disappears. But why is her husband acting so calm? “A powerful piece… thought-provoking, tautly suspenseful, and genuinely surprising” (Toronto Star).
$3.99 $12.99
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Secret Relations
Secret Relations By Rebecca Forster
When undocumented immigrants start disappearing, LAPD detective Finn O’Brien begins an investigation he’s forced to keep under the radar. A taut and timely thriller.
$1.99 $5.03
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Copycat By Alex Lake
Sarah Havenant is disturbed to find a mysterious Facebook profile that mimics her own. Someone has access to all the details, photos, and memories in her life. Who is pretending to be her, and what is their endgame? From a Sunday Times bestselling author.
$1.99 $11.99
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Psychological Thrillers
Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All
Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All By Jonas Jonasson
A delightfully comic romp from the internationally bestselling author of The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared! When a hired gun meets a swindling priest and a bored receptionist at a run-down hotel, the unlikely trio go into business together! “Enormous fun” (The Times).
$1.99 $7.49
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Bestsellers, Humor, Literary Fiction
The Gatekeeper’s Trilogy Box Set
The Gatekeeper’s Trilogy Box Set By Eva Pohler
“Sure to thrill Hunger Games fans” (Kirkus Reviews): When the god of death falls for mortal Therese, she goes on a breathtaking quest to become a goddess on Mount Olympus. An irresistible series that blends Greek mythology, love, and adventure!
Free! $7.55
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Teen and Young Adult
Cursed By Jennifer Chance
To break her family’s curse, Edeena needs to marry a royal prince. When she takes a vacation to an island off the coast of South Carolina, she meets a security agent named Prince — and sparks fly…
Free! $5.03
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New Adult Romance
My Wild Highlander
My Wild Highlander By Vonda Sinclair
Ordered to marry Sir Lachlan MacGrath, fiery Lady Angelique has no interest in the dashing warrior — but he’ll stop at nothing to win her heart! A stunning Highlander love story brimming with sizzling passion.
Free! $5.03
Historical Romance
Dianna By Josephine Blake
Miss Dianna Brittler leaves Manhattan for the Wyoming wilderness — where she’s saved from certain danger by handsome Shiye. Will they give in to their forbidden attraction?
Free! $1.25
American Historical Romance
Dirty Daughter
Dirty Daughter By JB Duvane
Emily is determined to seduce her mother’s former psychologist, Max. But she doesn’t realize that he has his own plans for her — and soon she’ll be locked up in his remote cottage, forced to satisfy his every desire…
Free! $5.78
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Dark Romance & Erotica
One More Round
One More Round By Shelli Stevens
From a New York Times bestselling author! When Sarah returns to Whidbey Island after 11 years, there’s no way for her to avoid her best friend’s brother, bad boy Ian — the one man she never could forget. Now she’s about to discover their chemistry’s still as hot as ever…
Free! $5.03
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Contemporary Romance
Hush Now Baby
Hush Now Baby By Cheryl Bradshaw
In the blink of an eye, a baby is stolen and an adoptive mother murdered. Taking a break to visit a friend, private detective Sloane Monroe has no idea she’s about to be pulled into the most nerve-racking search of her career… From a USA Today bestselling author.
Free! $7.55
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Crime Fiction
Nocturne for a Widow
Nocturne for a Widow By Amanda DeWees
Widow Sybil Ingram is penniless, save for a beautiful Gothic manor — but when she moves in, she quickly realizes she’s not alone. As Sybil gets to know the home’s resident ghost and a handsome local, she finds herself on the edge of a deadly mystery…
Free! $0.99
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Cozy Mysteries

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