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The Café at Seashell Cove
The Café at Seashell Cove By Karen Clarke
Event manager Cassie takes a break from her stressful life to visit her childhood home by the sea. But as she begins planning themed gatherings at her family’s charming café, she finds herself thinking about staying for good…
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Chick Lit
Fire and Flint
Fire and Flint By Andrew Grey
When single father Jordan turns to sheriff’s deputy Pierre with his concerns about a corrupt judge, the two men discover they’ve made a powerful enemy. They’ll do whatever it takes to protect each other in this stirring and suspenseful read.
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Never Trust a Stranger
Never Trust a Stranger By Mary Monroe
From a New York Times bestselling author! Unhappy Lola thinks she’s found an escape when she begins a sensual fling with rugged Calvin. But a darker side to her new lover could put her in terrible danger…
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African American Interest
When It’s Real
When It’s Real By Erin Watt
From a #1 New York Times bestselling author: To fix his reputation, bad-boy pop star Oakley ropes waitress Vaughn into a pretend romance — but what happens when they stir up real feelings? “Undeniable fun… A quintessential beach read” (Kirkus Reviews).
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Teen and Young Adult
Daughter of the Pirate King
Daughter of the Pirate King By Tricia Levenseller
With over 5,800 five-star Goodreads ratings! Alosa is on the hunt for a treasure map. In order to search an enemy ship, she lets herself get captured — but will feelings for her charming captor ruin the mission? A “funny, fast-paced, and romance-dashed nautical fantasy… Not to be missed” (Publishers Weekly).
$2.99 $9.34 
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Teen and Young Adult
Run By Michaelbrent Collings
Haunted by a horrific encounter from his childhood, John is unsettled to realize that the same stranger keeps reappearing in his life…
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Dragon Wine Box Set: Volume One
Dragon Wine Box Set: Volume One By Donna Maree Hanson
On a devastated world with a shattered moon, the inhabitants can only survive by drinking precious dragon wine. Can Salinda use her ancient power to stop the brutal Inspector from seizing control of everything? A spellbinding box set of fantasy adventures!
$0.99 $7.55 
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The Space Lore Box Set: Volumes 1–3
The Space Lore Box Set: Volumes 1–3 By Chris Dietzel
In a galaxy where space wars and legends combine, a hero will rise from the ashes. As two major empires prepare to battle once again, can Vere CasterLan acquire Excalibur in time to save the kingdoms from destruction?
$1.99 $10.07 
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Science Fiction
Ten Birthdays
Ten Birthdays By Kerry Wilkinson
Because Poppy’s birthday falls on the anniversary of her mother’s death, she doesn’t feel like celebrating. But the birthday letters her mother wrote might just remind her to keep on living — and loving…
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Women's Fiction
The Last Investigation
The Last Investigation By Gaeton Fonzi
“Lively and convincing” (Publishers Weekly): A journalist recounts his investigation into the Kennedy assassination in this firsthand look at an enduring enigma. “Historians and researchers consider Mr. Fonzi’s book among the best” (The New York Times).
$1.99 $15.99 
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General Nonfiction
Beautifully Used
Beautifully Used By Susan Griscom
Gabrielle has no interest in Brodie, a handsome womanizer who tried to seduce her. But when unexpected events in their small town force them together, they give in to their attraction for each other…
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New Adult Romance
Hot Pursuit
Hot Pursuit By Jennifer Bernard
From a USA Today bestselling author: Deputy sheriff Will is busy with an investigation that has deeper roots than anyone expected — and he keeps running into feisty reporter Merry. Their sexual tension is undeniable, but can he protect her from danger?
$1.99 $5.03 
Romantic Suspense
Claimed by the Elven King
Claimed by the Elven King By Cristina Rayne
When the shadows in her bedroom come to life, Emily is spirited away to a magical land where an elven king opens her up to pleasures she never thought possible…
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Paranormal Romance
Crown of Laurel
Crown of Laurel By Lucy Gordon
Housekeeper’s daughter Laurel has long been in love with her childhood friend, highborn Harry. But when she meets a soldier, Daniel — whose star will soon rise — she finds herself caught between two very different men. “A charming historical romance” (Holly Kinsella).
$0.99 $3.99 
Historical Romance
Velvet Lightning
Velvet Lightning By Kay Hooper
From a New York Times bestselling author! On a remote island, Catherine dives into forbidden passion with Marc, a rebellious sea captain — but her frightening secret puts their love at risk…
$1.99 $7.55 
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American Historical Romance
Rocky Mountain Desire
Rocky Mountain Desire By Vivian Arend
A steamy New York Times bestseller with over 1,600 five-star ratings on Goodreads! Not wanting to have his heart broken, cowboy Matt Coleman keeps his emotions closed off — but he just can’t resist falling into bed with his ex’s younger sister, Hope. And soon their desire leads to more…
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Erotic Romance
Summer Rain
Summer Rain By Barbara Freethy
A #1 New York Times bestselling author offers a thrilling romance: Patrick meets Danielle while he’s investigating a dark mystery — and they learn their pasts might be connected… “Freethy has a gift for creating complex characters” (Library Journal).
$1.08 $7.99 
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Contemporary Romance
Home in the Valley
Home in the Valley By Louis L’Amour
A spirited collection from a legendary storyteller and “one of the world’s most popular writers” (The New York Times): Battle through life-and-death situations and experience the Wild West on horseback in these six classic tales!
$1.99 $9.99 
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Action and Adventure
Marnie Walker Investigates Box Set
Marnie Walker Investigates Box Set By Leo McNeir
A thrilling box set of British mysteries! Join Marnie Walker as she unravels murder cases and faces daunting opponents across England.
$2.99 $6.99 
Crime Fiction
Death by Diploma
Death by Diploma By Kelley Kaye
After a cross-country move to sleepy Pinewood, Colorado, high school teacher Emma is ready for something new. Murder wasn’t quite what she had in mind, but when a man turns up dead, Emma and her friend Leslie are eager to help solve the case!
$1.99 $11.33 
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Cozy Mysteries
His Last Confession
His Last Confession By Mel Hodgkinson
A twisting Victorian mystery: Following a shocking deathbed confession from an infamous thief, Inspector Drewes is on the trail of another crook. But when a priceless necklace is stolen from his own home, Drewes vows to leave no stone unturned…
$0.99 $1.99 
Historical Mysteries
Soul Breaker
Soul Breaker By Clara Coulson
Cal Kinsey, the newest detective at the Department of Supernatural Investigations, must banish a murderous creature rampaging through the city — before there’s no city left to save. A riveting urban fantasy adventure!
Free! $2.99 
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Supernatural Suspense
Love’s Prayer
Love’s Prayer By Melissa Storm
From a USA Today bestselling author! In a small Texas town, Ben struggles to overcome the past — until city girl Summer comes into his life. Could they hold the answers to each other’s prayers?
Free! $5.03 
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Christian Fiction
The Prisoner’s Wife
The Prisoner’s Wife By Susan Page Davis
As Jack Hunter awaits execution for a murder he didn’t commit, he makes his last request: Lucy Hamblin’s hand in marriage. A Carol Award–winning author delivers a heartrending Christian romance set in colonial Maine.
Free! $3.77 
Christian Fiction
Drake Restrained
Drake Restrained By S.E. Lund
As a wealthy neurosurgeon and secret dom, Drake Morgan has one rule: Work and play can’t overlap. It’s a mandate that’s easy to follow — until he meets Kate McDermott. He has feelings for her, but will she unravel the life he’s built?
Free! $6.29 
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New Adult Romance
Shopping for a CEO
Shopping for a CEO By Julia Kent
When Amanda starts up a flirty romance with CEO Andrew McCormick, the arrogant best man at her friend’s wedding, she can’t stop wondering where their chemistry will take them… A laugh-out-loud romance from a New York Timesbestselling author!
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Contemporary Romance
The Shadow Priest
The Shadow Priest By D. C. Alexander
In southwestern Colorado, special agent Nathaniel Arkin investigates a fanatical politician’s murder — and uncovers a lethal organization targeting would-be demagogues. “A great beach read” (USA Today).
Free! $10.07 
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Squall By Sean Costello
When a sudden snowstorm forces bush pilot Tom to make an emergency landing, he finds himself in a den of danger and lawlessness that could jeopardize everyone he loves. A dark and gritty thrill-ride with over 1,900 five-star reviews on Amazon.
Free! $6.29 
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The Truth in My Lies
The Truth in My Lies By Ivy Smoak
Adeline Bell is forbidden to leave the house by her controlling husband, who works out of town Monday through Friday. But when Adeline finds herself falling for Ben, a young landscaper, her life will start to unravel as old secrets are exposed.
Free! $6.29 
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Psychological Thrillers

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