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The Search for the Green River Killer
The Search for the Green River Killer By Carlton Smith and Tomas Guillen
A harrowing New York Times bestseller: In this definitive account, two Pulitzer Prize–nominated journalists chronicle the terrifying crimes of serial killer Gary Ridgway — and explore the long quest to bring him to justice.
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True Crime
Jess Haines Bundle
Jess Haines Bundle By Jess Haines
Shiarra, a New York City private eye, plunges into a world of vampires and werewolves — but is she ready for the dangers that await her? Suspense, romance, and the paranormal meet in this action-packed series!
$2.99 $13.15 
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Supernatural Suspense
Medium Wave
Medium Wave By Rose Zolock
Becky Moran cons people into believing she can commune with the dead — but when something begins to seep through the boundaries that protect our world, she finds herself hunted by the darkness… An unsettling tale dripping with foreboding.
$0.99 $3.76 
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Soul Eater Series: Books 1–3
Soul Eater Series: Books 1–3 By P DaCosta
When the ancient gods rise again, private eye Ace Dante is the only one who can save humanity. Unfortunately, he isn’t exactly hero material… Join his adventure in this action-packed fantasy series!
$1.32 $9.99 
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SINdicate By J.T. Nicholas
As the public grapples with the revelation that humanoid Synths are self-aware beings, a biotech firm fights to maintain control. “Darkly engrossing… Shines a stark light on the age-old question, what does it mean to be human?” (Julie Kagawa, New York Times bestselling author).
$0.99 $3.03 
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Science Fiction
Peace in the Valley
Peace in the Valley By Ruth Logan Herne
When Trey and single mom Lucy team up to rescue her farm, will they realize God is bringing them together for a reason? “Ruth Logan Herne is my new favorite author” (New York Times bestselling author Karen White).
$1.99 $8.99 
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Christian Fiction
The Bondage Breaker
The Bondage Breaker By Neil T. Anderson
How can you free yourself from the destructive behaviors that are holding you back? Learn how reconnecting with God can lead you to live truthfully and freely.
$2.99 $9.99 
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Christian Nonfiction
How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere By Larry King with Bill Gilbert
In this valuable guide, New York Times bestselling author and famed TV host Larry King offers the keys to successful communication in all areas of life. “Full of some of the smartest, most practical advice I’ve come across” (Dan Rather).
$1.99 $12.99 
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Air Battle for Dunkirk
Air Battle for Dunkirk By Norman Franks
This comprehensive history examines the Royal Air Force’s actions over Dunkirk — and illustrates just how easily the battle could have crumbled for Britain.
$1.99 $10.33 
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V Force Boys
V Force Boys By Anthony Wright and Tony Blackman
This gripping book collects stories from the missions of three Royal Air Force jet bombers during the Cold War, including firsthand accounts from crew members who handled and deployed nuclear weapons.
$1.99 $24.78 
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Body Shot
Body Shot By Kelly Jamieson
When former Navy SEAL Beck meets Hayden, they can’t resist their all-consuming desire for each other… “A sexy, sultry, page-turning read” (New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips).
$1.99 $4.99 
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New Adult Romance
Seductive Reasoning
Seductive Reasoning By Melissa Schroeder
From a USA Today bestselling author: As the head of an elite task force, Del doesn’t have time for distractions — but he can’t deny his attraction to the team’s consultant, bookish Emma. When Emma becomes the target of a deadly killer, can Del keep her safe?
$1.32 $6.29 
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Romantic Suspense
Dragon Equinox
Dragon Equinox By Ophelia Bell
A sizzling reverse harem romance: To stop an ancient enemy, immortal dragon Numa must find a mate. Instead she finds five men all desiring to give her pleasure — and the power that she needs in battle!
$1.10 $6.29 
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Paranormal Romance
The Viscount’s Rose
The Viscount’s Rose By Meara Platt
Viscount Julian Emory’s family members detest the woman he’s courting, so they concoct a plan to separate the two. Miss Rose Farthingale is willing to help the viscount’s family in order to settle a debt, but she never expected to be abducted alongside the dashing lord!
$1.99 $5.03 
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Historical Romance
Falling for My Best Friend’s Brother
Falling for My Best Friend’s Brother By J.S. Cooper and Helen Cooper
From a New York Times bestselling duo: Years ago, Alice shared a night of forbidden passion with Aiden, her best friend’s brother. Now, she can’t stop thinking about him — and she’ll do anything to have him again… With over 1,700 five-star Goodreads ratings!
$1.99 $5.03 
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Erotic Romance
Womanizer By Katy Evans
With almost 4,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads: When Olivia meets Callan Carmichael on a terrace, she has no idea that this sexy stranger is her new company’s CEO… but their chemistry is through the roof! A blistering-hot romance from a New York Times bestselling author.
$0.99 $4.99 
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Contemporary Romance
The One
The One By John Marrs
With over 4,200 five-star Goodreads ratings: Researchers have discovered the DNA marker to find each person’s soulmate. But even your perfect match could be hiding deadly secrets… “A shock on every other page” (The Wall Street Journal).
$2.99 $16.37 
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The Bone Curse
The Bone Curse By Carrie Rubin
“A tense, perceptive tale of an investigation into a terrifying threat” (Kirkus Reviews): After Ben is cut by a bone in the Paris catacombs, those close to him begin to fall to a gruesome illness. Ben is certain there’s a medical explanation — but the truth is far more sinister…
$0.99 $5.03 
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Best Day Ever
Best Day Ever By Kaira Rouda
A “tensely written, shocking book” (Publishers Weekly): Paul Strom has planned the perfect romantic weekend for his wife — but away from prying eyes, their sinister secrets unravel… “Fabulous” (New York Times bestselling author B. A. Paris).
$1.99 $12.99 
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BestsellersPsychological ThrillersThrillers
Scorched By Theresa Shaver
In a world where water has become scarce, Claudia sets out to lead her family to safety. But with only an old map to guide them, can they survive their harrowing journey through a dangerous wasteland?
Free! $5.03 
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Teen and Young Adult
The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride
The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride By Katrina Majkut
On her journey to the altar, Katrina Majkut delved deep into the weird and outdated traditions of Western weddings. An eye-opening and cheeky look at everything from engagement ring rules to wedding cake symbolism!
Free! $6.29 
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I Don’t
I Don’t By Ella Fox
Ava and Mateo have a long history — their families have been close since they were children, and their friendship eventually turned to love. But when an accident tears them apart, can Mateo prove that they’re meant for each other? From a USA Today bestselling author.
Free! $5.03 
New Adult Romance
Lost in Temptation
Lost in Temptation By Lauren Royal
Lady Alexandra is preparing to marry for duty when Tristan, the man she once loved, returns from abroad. Seven years ago he was a commoner, unfit for a marquess’s daughter — but now he is Lord Hawkridge! A “sinfully sexy” tale (Booklist).
Free! $5.99 
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Historical Romance
A Cheyenne Celebration
A Cheyenne Celebration By Caroline Lee
Serena Selkirk faces a difficult decision one romantic summer: Will she choose her ruggedly handsome rancher neighbor, or a sophisticated schoolteacher? A wonderful historical romance set in frontier-era Wyoming.
Free! $3.77 
American Historical Romance
Black By T.L. Smith
Left heartbroken by his first and only love, hit man Liam Black is surprised to find her a decade later. But Rose isn’t the woman she used to be… A sizzling tale with over 1,100 five-star ratings on Goodreads.
Free! $5.03 
Dark Romance & Erotica
The Single Daddy Club: Derrick
The Single Daddy Club: Derrick By Donna Fasano
From a USA Today bestselling author! Former soldier Derrick has to learn how to be a single dad — and schoolteacher Anna is the perfect instructor. But can their unexpected feelings for each other bring them together as a family?
Free! $1.25 
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Contemporary Romance
Hushabye By Celina Grace
Her first day on the job, rookie detective Kate Redman is assigned to the kidnapping case of a wealthy entrepreneur’s infant. But as she and her partner search for the child, Kate’s own painful past is brought to light… With over 450 five-star Amazon reviews!
Free! $3.77 
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Crime Fiction
Pineapple Lies Box Set: Books 1-3
Pineapple Lies Box Set: Books 1-3 By Amy Vansant
Three quirky, laugh-out-loud mysteries: Raised in a Florida retirement village, Charlotte never got much excitement. But when murder comes to Pineapple Port, the community’s youngest resident becomes an amateur sleuth!
Free! $7.55 
Cozy Mysteries

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