Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Some people live by a set of rules. I have only one, and I learned it the hard way: Don’t let anyone get too close. The night I met Isaac, I followed that rule. No last names exchanged, no details about our lives, and we spent the next hour soothing unspoken pains. When our hour was over, we went our separate ways, never to see each other again. Until the day I suddenly needed help. We shared a shocked expression, we shared a stuttering greeting. Just wait until he finds out what else we share. (Read full burb on Amazon)

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There’s been a murder in Paradise... As daughter of the late pack alpha, Regan Vuk is certain the title and responsibility is hers now. She is fast, smart, determined and has trained for this future her whole life. There’s just one person standing in her way. Charlie has never lived in one place long enough to call it home. All she’s ever wanted is a place to belong in the world, but Charlie’s hope for safety and security vanishes when she’s kidnapped and taken against her will to meet the man who abandoned her mother seventeen years ago. (Read full burb on Amazon)

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The heat is on...Raised among women who taught him to cook at his family's Buenos Aires restaurant, master chef Paolo Santos deftly works his culinary wiles--and his gypsy charm--on post Flamingo Island's female clientele. The tastiest tidbit on the island, though, is cool, elegant Michaela Willoughby. The redhead's slender curves are as enticing as her rabbit-food menus are maddening. And she's his main competition for the chance of a lifetime - top chef in a new TV cooking show. When the stage lights ignite, so does the sexual chemistry no one--least of all Paolo and Michaela--saw coming. (Read full burb on Amazon)

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