Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Hired To Kill by J.L. Beck

I don’t love. I don’t even feel. I’m a savage with my hands and a beast between the sheets. I take my job as a hit man very serious and I’ve never missed a shot… that is until her: Vi Rogers. 

Her father placed a bounty of two million dollars on her head. She knows things, and it’s my job to make her go away. 

The plans simple bring her to him, kill her, and the money’s mine. That is until I kidnap the curvy beauty. She’s a handful in more than one way and the longer I’m stuck with her the longer I envision a future of us together. 

But none of that can happen because in my line of work, death is the only means to an end and when the mafia owns you, you don’t get to fall in love. 

Except I do fall in love, and it's then that I must choose between life and death for the both of us. 

Vi's got secrets and if I’m going to protect her, then I’ll have to know what they are…but what happens when the secrets she’s hiding are finally exposed and we both realize we're nothing more than pawns in war we will never win.

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