Sunday, 22 July 2018

J.S. Striker has just released all of her Shifters Of SoHo books in one amazing box set that you won't want to miss!

Read For 99 Cents 

An adventurous new world in the Shifters of SoHo Series with just the right amount of heat!!

Dean - has one mission: to capture the bounty hunters in SoHo wreaking havoc on a world he has worked hard to keep secret. But it’s easier said than done, and soon he finds himself in the midst of a battle for power and a dark conspiracy that runs very deep—he also finds himself relying on one incredibly sexy but infuriating woman to make sure both SoHo and his magical world do not get destroyed in the process.

Oscar - Prince Oscar is in a bind. There are evil forces coming, a traitor in the midst, and a time limit to his life as he prepares to be King. When an assassination attempt almost takes his life, a mysterious woman falls right on his lap—one who seems to be the answer to most of his problems—and right into his dangerously hot arms.

Rigby - Rigby Smee is on an epic mission to make his world safe again. He expected the mission to be challenging, the dealings, the bargains—but what he didn’t expect is the woman who seems hell-bent on “helping” him. Before he can say no, they’re on a whirlwind of an adventure, one filled with lies, danger…and a burning passion that neither of them can stop…

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