Saturday, 7 July 2018

Love on the Edge Boxed Set: 4 Complete Paranormal Romance Books by Chloe Adler

Dive into the Signum life of Distant Edge with this four-volume set! Get to know the entire Holt family of witches, the fun-loving vampire stripper Domme, the gay shapeshifter with all their loves and heartache. 

"This is a thrilling, fun and sexy debut for Chloe Adler in the paranormal romance genre! From the onset, readers will welcome the fresh originality of the characters as they struggle to discover themselves, solve the mystery of the evil Scrim, and have some risque fun along the way. Each of the cast is fully-rounded and developed, from the most basic details of their lives to their innermost thoughts, fears, and feelings. However, it is the love and camaraderie among the main characters Sadie, Burg and Jared that spellbind the reader, whisking them along in a fantastic tale loaded with magic, intrigue and, yes, sex! Loaded with humor and sparkle, fans will not want to put down this enthralling novel, and find themselves hungrily awaiting the next series!" ~Amazon Reviewer

This boxed set contains all four volumes of Love on the Edge! A Witch's Mortal Desire, A Witch's Dark Craving, A Shifter's Fevered Heart and A Vampire's Wicked Hunger!

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