Thursday, 26 July 2018

Mia Taylor, Cypher's Mate, the latest standalone in her sexy Shifters Forsaken series!

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She never knew the song was about her. 

The world was Cypher Maison’s oyster. Mesmerising, rich with a mellifluous voice and a platinum record reputation, everyone in the world wanted a piece of him.

But the world didn’t know about Cypher’s mysterious past or his devastating gift which made perfect sense since he knew little to share.

Standoffish but loyal, Cypher has mastered the art of pushing everyone away…until Chloe Byler sweeps unexpectedly into his life.

Chloe had always felt like the outcast in her family and the doormat who couldn’t speak up for herself.
Never mind that she was just as beautiful as her perfect sister or twice as compassionate as her cold-hearted brother, she just wasn’t good enough for anyone…except Cypher Maison.

When the shifter world collided with the unsuspecting civilian’s their whirlwind romance took several blows, challenging both these loners into deciding which is more important; saving face or saving one another?

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