Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Stella Sky's Warriors Of Cadir, a huge sci-fi romance collection!

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The full and complete boxset of the "Warriors Of Cadir" series.
A collection of 4 hot and steamy Alien Abduction Romance
books waiting for you to escape to a dreamy world full of hot
alien men. These steamy novellas will leave you breathless and
ready for more.

Get lost in the dreamy planet Cadir and wrap you up in the
dragon warrior’s lives. You won’t be able to put them down!
Learn about the muscle-bound, sexy Parduss aliens, their
forbidden desires for humans, and the rising rebellion that
threatens their society. Discover how they kidnapped women
from the Earth in the great L7 War and bred with them to keep
their species. These hot and sexy sci-fi alien romances can be
read together or as standalones, but as the rebellion -and the
heat!- rises between the Parduss and the strong women
they’ve fallen for, you won’t want to miss a book.

Book #1- Korus
Book #2- Scashra
Book #3- Orylis 
Book #4- Kaayde

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