Monday, 9 July 2018


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He’s stubborn. She’s independent. Together, desire will determine their future.
Hamilton Investigation & Security leader, Jesse Hamilton, swears never to love again. The risk of losing his heart is too painful. Burying himself in work and caring for his daughter, he doesn’t expect strong-willed FBI Special Agent Kate Ross to break down his carefully constructed walls.
When Kate is injured, Jesse pulls the full force of HIS into action to protect her. He refuses to be the reason behind another senseless death. Making a decision that could cost Kate her life, Jesse must decide just how far he’s willing to go to save the woman his heart desires.


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What could possibly go wrong? Ah, but what could possibly go right?
A nurse practitioner dedicated to her indigent patients.
A renowned plastic surgeon catering to clients willing to pay top dollar to look perfect.
A jointly inherited ocean front property.
Nurse practitioner, Iris Jones, might seem like a softie, but she’s tougher than she appears especially when it comes to ensuring her indigent patients continue to receive the health care she believes they deserve.
Alex Stockton is a staunch bachelor and renowned plastic surgeon who has the perfect life, at least that’s what he thinks, until he meets Iris Jones and she dismantles the walls around his heart piece by piece.


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