Thursday, 9 August 2018

Dream (Rosewood Bay Series Book 4) by Carly Phillips


Dream Excerpt Below

“I realize we’re only a few weeks into the school year but I’ve noticed some behaviors in Nicky that indicate to me he has an issue with reading,” he said, not beating around the bush.
Her eyes opened wide. “I know he has trouble reading but I thought he was just a slow learner. You know, like it was a boy thing.”
Kyle shook his head. “He struggles to recognize words that are grade appropriate and he avoids reading out loud when asked.” He went on to explain other behaviors he’d noticed.
She glanced down at her hands, wringing them together. “He told me he feels dumb when he’s reading but I just thought that was his frustration talking.” She dabbed at her eyes, obviously upset she’d missed that something was wrong. “I should have paid more attention. The days are just so busy, between work and school, homework and afterschool activities.”
He didn’t want to feel badly for her, dammit. But he was affected by her emotions anyway, despite his not wanting to get personally involved with her problems. He wanted to help her child, nothing more, nothing less.
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