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Bound Through the Ashes
Bound Through the Ashes By Danelle Nelson
A breathtaking tale of the rough and tumble Wild West and a timeless love that knows no bounds! Modern girl Lorena discovers the adventure of a lifetime when she’s thrown into the 1800s — and falls for her handsome rescuer, Alexandre. First in a series.
$1.29 $3.77
Time Travel Romance
Under a Sky of Ash
Under a Sky of Ash By Brandon Witt
When Isaiah and Ben meet, their attraction is undeniable — but both are still haunted by their traumatic childhoods. Together, they may find a way to a future more wonderful than they could have ever imagined…
$0.99 $7.01
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Satan’s Circus
Satan’s Circus By Mike Dash
Venture into Satan’s Circus in this riveting look at Charley Becker, the Manhattan police officer who became the only cop in US history to receive the death penalty. “An irresistible tableau that both fascinates and repels… A juicy but ultimately tragic tale that effectively captures a bygone era” (Booklist).
$2.99 $13.99
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True Crime
Malveaux Curse Mystery Series Boxed Set: Books 1–3
Malveaux Curse Mystery Series Boxed Set: Books 1–3 By G.A. Chase
Kendell Summer’s interest in the paranormal leads her into some chaotic situations in this captivating box set of supernatural mysteries. Featuring a powerful curse, an evil spirit, and a trusty dog named Cheesecake!
$0.99 $8.99
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Supernatural Suspense
The Sculpted Ship
The Sculpted Ship By K. M. O’Brien
Needing a job, pragmatic engineer Anailu Xindar impulsively purchases a beautiful, impractical starship. But the meandering repair effort wins her new friends and an adventurous future!
$0.99 $5.03
Science Fiction
Favorite Sons
Favorite Sons By Robin Yocum
For over 30 years, prosecutor Hutch Van Buren and his childhood friends have kept a terrible secret… When the truth threatens his political career, he wrestles with gut-wrenching decisions in this suspenseful novel.
$1.99 $22.99
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Literary Fiction
Natural Attraction
Natural Attraction By Catherine Haustein
In this compelling blend of science, history, and romance, Clementine disguises herself as a young man to pursue her career dreams. Calling herself Calvin, she enlists in a scientific expedition, drawn by both the incredible work and the group’s handsome leader…
$0.99 $4.99
Literary Fiction
The Grace and Truth Paradox
The Grace and Truth Paradox By Randy Alcorn
All you need to follow Jesus are two things: grace and truth. But what do these words mean — and how can you balance them in your life like Christ did? A transformative spiritual guide from a New York Times bestselling author!
$2.99 $9.99
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Christian Nonfiction
Eating Purely
Eating Purely By Elizabeth Stein
Eliminate inflammatory foods and cleanse your diet with this all-natural path to eating well. This amazing cookbook is full of recipes that are “easy to prepare, creative, and totally delicious… plus, they are purely healthy” (Bobbi Brown).
$1.99 $18.14
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Walter’s Welcome
Walter’s Welcome By Eva Neisser Echenberg with Judy Sklar Rasminsky
After Hitler’s rise to power, Walter Neisser heroically endeavored to move more than 50 members of his German Jewish family to safety in South America. This deeply personal look at their epic journey is “fascinating” (New York Times bestselling author Walter Laqueur).
$1.99 $14.39
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Biographies and Memoirs
An Honourable Defeat
An Honourable Defeat By Anton Gill
This “illuminating study” (Publishers Weekly) shines a light on the German people who resisted Hitler’s regime. “A succinct, informative, and well-written history” (Kirkus Reviews) that draws on firsthand interviews and archival materials.
$2.99 $5.99
1919 Versailles
1919 Versailles By Charles L. Mee Jr.
The treaty that ended World War I was supposed to restore order to the war-torn world — but instead, the negotiations led to further catastrophe. This absorbing history gives a behind-the-scenes look at a pivotal moment that ushered in the modern age.
$1.99 $12.59
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Shadows in Heaven
Shadows in Heaven By Nadine Dorries
In the aftermath of World War II, two women await the return of Michael Malone: schoolteacher Rosie — and Sarah, his secret love. Michael’s choice will change the lives of everyone in Tarabeg in this enthralling historical novel from a Sunday Times bestselling author!
$1.30 $9.99
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Historical Fiction
Until You’re Mine
Until You’re Mine By Cindi Madsen
“From slow burn to raging inferno, this book is a must-read!” (New York Times bestselling author Gina L. Maxwell): Shane is determined to focus on his work and get into top shape — but that’s before he meets his trainer’s daughter, Brooklyn, who tempts him like no other girl…
$0.99 $5.03
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New Adult Romance
Ultimate SEAL Collection: Volume One
Ultimate SEAL Collection: Volume One By Sharon Hamilton
A collection of heart-stopping romantic suspense stories from a USA Today bestselling author. Come along for the ride as these rugged Navy SEALs find love!
$2.99 $10.07
Romantic Suspense
Highland Warrior
Highland Warrior By Hannah Howell
From a New York Times bestselling author: When Fiona is kidnapped by the MacFingal clan, she falls for the family’s rugged laird! Can Ewan resist the allure of his dazzling captive? “Few authors portray the Scottish Highlands as lovingly or as colorfully as Hannah Howell” (Publishers Weekly).
$0.99 $8.54
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Historical Romance
Blindfold Fantasy
Blindfold Fantasy By D.L. Roan
Reserved Jayne lets her walls come down for one wild night. Little does she know that her moment of untamed lust will land her in a tangle of passion with her gorgeous new boss — and his sexy best friend… This red-hot ménage romance is a USA Today bestseller!
$1.29 $5.03
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Erotic Romance
The Bull Rider’s Redemption
The Bull Rider’s Redemption By Barbara Dunlop
From a USA Today bestselling author: Single mom Maddy is appalled when her three-year-old son insists sexy Chase is his father. But soon enough, she finds herself falling for the man… A tenderhearted read about family, romance, and redemption.
$1.25 $5.03
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Contemporary Romance
Ship of Fate
Ship of Fate By Philip McCutchan
Soon after joining the crew of the Oleander, Lieutenant Donald Cameron faces a dangerous mission to derail a biological attack by German forces. A nautical World War II adventure from an author whose “descriptions of battles at sea ring with laconic truth” (The New York Times Book Review).
$0.99 $3.99
Action and Adventure
Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs By Tony Vanderwarker
When weapons expert Howie Collyer learns about a dangerous lost nuclear bomb on US territory, he vows to track it down at all costs. But with terrorists and the Pentagon on his tail, he might be running out of time…
$1.99 $12.99
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Dead Man’s Badge
Dead Man’s Badge By Robert E. Dunn
“Terrific” (Edgar Award–winning author Joe R. Lansdale): In this gritty thriller, a lifelong criminal poses as his police chief twin brother — just in time to face off against a deadly underground organization. “Brutal, vivid, and unforgettable… This one will haunt you” (#1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Goldberg).
$0.99 $6.29
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The Long Divorce
The Long Divorce By Edmund Crispin
From “a master of the whodunit” (The New York Times): How far will the quirky residents of Cotten Abbas go to keep rich newcomers out of their offbeat town? A hilarious mystery from an author with “a marvelous comic sense” (P. D. James).
$2.99 $6.99
Cozy Mysteries
The Royal Treatment
The Royal Treatment By Melanie Summers
A playful, sexy blend of The Princess Diaries and Bridget Jones’s Diary: With the royal family out of favor, Prince Arthur invites the monarchy’s biggest critic, blogger Tessa Sharpe, to spend two months living in the palace… but unexpected chemistry complicates both their agendas.
Free! $1.25
Chick Lit
Deceived By L.A. Starkey
An entrancing read: High schooler Samantha is Pandora’s daughter — and the twin sons of the last Titan will do whatever it takes to claim her heart. Greek mythology collides with modern life in this spellbinding tale!
Free! $5.03
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Teen and Young Adult
Twisted By Marla Meyers
Though her daughter is worried about her mental state, widowed Stella knows the strange happenings in her house are very real… This unsettling horror story plays tricks with the mind.
Free! $3.77
Stronger Than Magic
Stronger Than Magic By Melinda VanLone
Tarian is meant to inherit a powerful artifact and become the leader of a hidden magical society — until a demon attack changes her destiny and threatens everything she holds dear… An arresting elemental fantasy!
Free! $0.99
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Suddenly Sorceress
Suddenly Sorceress By Erica Lucke Dean
Ivie knows something’s afoot when her cheating ex-fiancé turns into a skunk before her very eyes. Now she needs to change him back, or she’ll be arrested for murder. Can handsome magician Jack help?
Free! $6.29
Paranormal Romance
Third Daughter
Third Daughter By Susan Kaye Quinn
As the third daughter in the royal family, Aniri is free to marry her fencing instructor. But when political circumstances force her to give her hand to Prince Malik, she never expects to lose her heart as well… A gorgeous love story.
Free! $0.99
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Historical Romance
Wish I Might
Wish I Might By Kait Nolan
No one in Wishful, Mississippi, knows that Cecily is secretly wealthy — especially not her boss, bookstore owner Reed. When it’s time for Cecily to move away, can Reed convince her to stay? A charming romance!
Free! $4.99
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Contemporary Romance
Murder on Magazine
Murder on Magazine By Julie Smith
“Julie Smith writes like jazz should sound — cool, complex, and penetrating right to the heart” (Val McDermid): With a murderer on the loose in New Orleans, Skip must find a teen runaway — before the girl becomes the killer’s latest victim.
Free! $6.29
Crime Fiction

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