125 x 125 Side Bar Advert

I am now accepting requests for adverts. These will be in the form of a 125 x 125 pixel book cover that I will post on my side bars. If you would like me to post your book cover on my side bar email the file to and make sure the subject is labelled side bar advert.


1 month = $5
3 months = $10
6 months = $25
1 year = $45

  • Covers will be posted after I receive payments and will remain up for the period of time requested, they will be uploaded in the order I receive them. 
  • Payments made shall not be refunded

I do not charge for my reviews, however for a small fee if you'd like your book will be pushed to the front of my pile and have a review done within in a few days. 

The minimum fee is $10. See below for prices.

Word Count 30,000 to 50,000 = $10.00
Word Count 50,000 to 70,000 = $15.00
Word Count 70,000 +               = $20.00

Before purchasing, email me (under the subject: monitary review request), If I accept, I'll review your book within a few days after I receive the book file and payment. Also make sure to include details about wanting to pay to get your book reviewed somewhere in your email.
  • All my reviews give my honest opinion and paying me does not guarantee a positive review. I will never slate the book or author and will try to find both positive and negative points but if I didn't like what I read I will say so no matter whether the review was free or payed for. More details can be found on my policy page.
  • Payments made shall not be refunded